Easy Way to Add Country/Area Code to Phone Numbers on Android

Monica Pavtube

Jul 11, 2014 01:28 am / Posted by Monica Pavtube

You might have the experience of making phone call from foreign countries to your homeland or from one area to another area in your own country, only to find that the number is not available. Actually, there is nothing wrong with your phone number and it is all about country code and area code, which means you have to add a country code or an area code or their combination before the phone number.

add country area code to android phone number

If you’re Android user, what is the best and easiest way to add a country code or an area code to your phone number? An app called Number Fixer will do you a big favor and it can process all phone numbers saved in your phone and SIM card effortlessly.

How to add country/area code to phone numbers on Android?

Step 1. Download Number Fixer on Google Play.

Go to Google Play app store to download Number Fixer on your Android phone.

download fix number for android

Step 2. Run Number Fixer on your Android phone

Step 3. Add country/area code

Step 4. Specify phone number length

On the “Set number search options” screen, determine the length of the phone number you want to add a country/area code.

Step 5. Start adding a country/area code

After determining phone number length, your Android screen will show you a list of phone numbers share the same length, and enter a country/area code to the blank right below “Area code to prepend”, and tap “Fix All” nearby to append a country/area code to your phone number on Android phone.