Amazon Released Its First Smart Phone – Amazon Fire Phone

Monica Pavtube

Jun 24, 2014 01:43 am / Posted by Monica Pavtube

Amazon released its first smart phone “Amazon Fire Phone” on 18 June, 2014. It will come into the market on 25 July, 2014. Sales prices for 32GB and 64GB are $649 and $749 respectively, which is equivalent to iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy S5, LG G3, etc.

It adopts a HD screen with the size of 4.7 inches, aluminum tabs, Qualcomm CPU and Qualcomm Adreno330 GPU. What’s more, the new released phone is equipped with a built-in camera with 13 million pixels, OIS technology, and f/2.0 aperture. Jeff Bezos said that photo effect is better than Apple and Samsung under any situation. The operating system for Amazon Fire Phone is Fire OS which is developed on the basis of Android.


Despite the expensive sales price and powerful photo function, what are the big highlights and new features of Amazon Fire Phone that make Amazon proud of itself?

1. 3D display with dynamic perspective

As predicted, Amazon Fire Phone adopts a unique user interface which is quite different from any smart phone in the market. With the help of four front cameras and exclusive software, it is capable to present 3D display to users. The naked-eye 3D effect is created by the four front cameras, which is able to follow users’ viewing angle.

2. Unlimited cloud storage space for photos

Amazon Fire Phone provides free and unlimited cloud storage space for photos, which makes it outstanding from the competitors. Photo storage is a real problem. But this new phone is quick solution to storing user’s photos with its own cloud server. Still remember iOS 8 released by Apple this June? But Apple users have free storage space of only 5GB and have to pay for the excess part.

3. Firefly–Object intelligent identification

Jeff Bezos presented a new technology called “Firefly” which is able to identify objects in real life and music and TV in virtual world. And Bezos also said that Firefly can identify 100 million articles including phone number, UPC, URLs, book titles, TVs, etc. What’s more, Amazon also released a new SDK for Firefly, allowing those third-parties to develop apps on the basis of Firefly.


What Amazon hardware impresses us most is low price. However, Amazon Fire Phone obviously is not a cheap product. And some of its functions still have space to improve. For example, the new developed Fire OS. The app number that Fire OS supports is only a quarter of GooglePlay’s, which is quite difficult to cater for phone users.

As a new released product, hope the 3D display and Firefly will bring surprises and excellent experiences to Amazon Fire Phone users.