Best Formats for iMovie – No Trouble Importing and Editing with iMovie

Diana Joan

Nov 10, 2014 08:04 am / Posted by Diana Joan

What are the best files formats for iMovie? What formats can you export with iMovie? Why can’t iMovie accept some certain video files? This article will introduce you common import and edit problems you may have with iMovie, iMovie supported import and export file formats as well as the best solution to fix whatever import and edit problems you may come across when dealing with iMovie.

best formats for imovie

Part I. Common Issues with iMovie Import and Edit

Import and edit issues with iMovie or any other editing program can be really a torture for movie makers. Here are some general import and edit problems with iMovie people may go through.

a. iMovie cannot video files from SD card.
b. iMovie won’t import video files.
c. Poor sound quality or no sound at all in iMovie
d. iMovie crashes
e. iMovie can’t connect with camera
f. No picture when import video to iMovie

Part II. iMovie Supported Import Formats

Knowing what formats can be imported into iMovie natively can help you take necessary actions in time before getting errors in iMovie.

iMovie supported import formats: MPEG-4 (*.mp4), QuickTime Movie (*.mov), MPEG-2, AVCHD, DV& HDV.

You can check the details in the following sheet.

imovie supported import formats

Part III. iMovie Supported Export Formats

iMovie supported export formats: DV and AIC, QuickTime Movie (*.mov), JPEG, AAC.

You can check the details in the following sheet.

imovie supported export formats

Part IV. Best Solution to Fix iMovie Import and Edit Problems

Not only iMovie users, people who create movie works with other editing programs can also have the similar problems. To fix all those import and edit problems with iMovie, the ultimate solution is an iMovie converter for Mac which can handle every issue you may have with iMovie permanently and can do basic editing work before importing into iMovie for professional editing.