How to convert TV Series Box Sets Blu-ray/DVD to MKV Episodes?

Diana Joan

Jan 20, 2016 09:53 am / Posted by Diana Joan

Convert TV series box sets to MKV Episodes

It’s likely that you might own some Blu-ray and DVD TV series box sets, some you purchase, some you rent, some you borrow from friends and some you borrow from the library. To protect your precious Blu-ray/DVD box sets from dust or damage, you will come the idea to make a digital version of your TV series boxset to store on your local hard drive. The biggest issue with TV Series Boxsets is that it is not particular user friendly with episodes spanning across multiple discs. The best way is to rip each episode individually, especially considering that most front ends have nice interface to manage TV shows.

Blu-ray/DVD TV series box sets

Tools to rip TV Series Blu-ray/DVD disc set to MKV Episodes

MakeMKV: The program is a great application that helps to rip Blu-ray/DVD TV series box sets to individual episodes in a large MKV file. However, there is no good way to determine which Title is which episode, so once the MKV files are created you will need to playback and determine which MKV is which episode. In addition, the program lacks the option to encode Blu-ray/DVD TV series to other formats for such as MP4, MOV, AVI , WMV, AVI, etc for convenient playback on smartphones, tablets or Smart TVs.

Handbrake: For encoding Blu-ray/DVD TV boxsets, Handbrake is absolutely your best choice. It can pick out all the episodes and encode them to some preset profiles that come in handy. For Apple devices users, there are some Apple devices listed in the preset list, simply click on that deice and the settings will be automatically applied in the output settings tab. For the basic PC or universal output, select the normal profile or high profile. However, the program does not work with Blu-ray/DVD TV series box sets with copy protection.

Pavtube ByteCopy: The program acts as a perfect combination of both MakeMKV and Handbrake, it can work as a standalone application to remove copy & region protection from both commercial Blu-ray/DVD TV series box sets. It allows you to make a lossless Multi-track MKV copy from original Blu-ray/DVD TV series box sets with all the subtitle languages, audio tracks, menus and chapter information well preserved. It is capable to automatically select the main title from all loaded titles so that you only have the main title of TV series converted. Besides lossless multi-track mkv, you are also given the chance to encode Blu-ray/DVD TV series to other popular file formats or device and program preset profile formats for playing on computers, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, smart tvs, etc.