Use VLC Player to Download & Add Subtitles

Monica Pavtube

Sep 09, 2014 08:00 am / Posted by Monica Pavtube

Want to know how to download and add subtitles with VLC player? An extension for VLC called VLSub can help.

download add subtitles with vlc

Part I. Download subtitles with VLSub

Step 1. Download VLSub

Download VLSub file and it is in a zip folder. Extract it and you’ll find a “vlsub.lua” file in it.

Step 2. Move “vlsub.lua” to VLC extension folder

Before moving “vlsub.lua” to the VLC extension folder, please make sure that your computer is VLC installed. The location of the extension folder depends on the operating system you use:

For Windows users:

For Mac OS users:

For Linux users:

Step 3. Launch VLC player

Open the VLC player and open a video file for playing. Click “View” to follow “VLSub0.9.10” option.

vlc player vlsub

Step 4. Search subtitle with VLsub window

After choosing “VLSub0.9.10” option, you’ll be led to the VLsub window where you can search the subtitle file that matches the video you play. On VLsub window, you can choose the subtitle language for your video and click “Subtitles language” dropdown list to select one. There are two ways for you to do subtitle search: Search by name and Search by hash. Click “Search by name” and you’ll get all the related subtitles from Click “Search by hash”, it will calculate the hash of the video you’re playing, and fetch all the related subtitles that match this hash.

load subtitles with vlsub

Please note:

If you got a piece of video that has been converted or modified, the “Search by hash” function won’t work well for you.

After the subtitle search is over, choose a desired one from all the related subtitles and click “Download section” and the VLC player will ask you about where to save the subtitle (the default location is where the playing video is locate, or you can create a new one). After choosing the subtitle storage folder, VLC player will load the subtitle file.

When the subtitle loading finishes, you can enjoy the video with subtitles in it to get better entertainment.

Part II. Download subtitles from subtitle sites

In addition to downloading subtitles with VLsub, you can also download from subtitle sites for videos you want to play in VLC player.

Step 1. Download subtitle file

Go to a reliable subtitle sites to download the subtitle file that match your video, and the most prevailing subtitle format is SRT. Get subtitles from the subtitle site by follow the downloading instructions.

Step 2. Move downloaded subtitle file to video folder

After finishing downloading, extract it to get the subtitle file in SRT extension. Move it the video folder and set the same name for both your subtitle file and video file.

Step 3. Play video with subtitle in VLC

Open VLC player and play the video file, and you’ll get subtitles in it. 

The VLC player can not only download subtitles but can download and play YouTube videos.