Essence of WWDC 2014: What Apple Wants on Earth?

Diana Joan

Jun 04, 2014 08:32 am / Posted by Diana Joan

In WWDC 2014, Apple has made its first step this year– released the new version iOS and Mac OS X system. It will make its second step this autumn– hardware release, for example, a new iPhone with bigger screen.

WWDC 2014

However, some new launched functions are quite similar to Android.

In Mossberg’s opinion, WWDC 2014 sent out a signal which was quite specific: If you’re surrounded by Apple hardware and software or living in an Apple ecosystem now, then congratulations! You’ll live a better life! In the past, WWDC always highlighted some certain aspect instead of focusing on creating such all-around experiences. To make it happen, Apple needs to make experience transfer between iOS and Mac OS X devices more seamless, which can make Apple users find themselves another reason to keep using Apple system. And the key to realizing it is “Continuity”. He listed several examples to back up his views: iCloud Photo Library, AirDrop (file transfer between OS X and iOS supported at present), and all Apple devices can send and receive calls and messages (including those from people not use Apple). 

Meanwhile, Apple has made huge inputs to attract and keep its developers: launched a brand new application and development platform with great simplicity and quickness, and helped make developers sell its software (in App store) with great facility. In one word: continue to provide more benefits. It is somehow due to the current competitiveness from Android because at present Android has surpassed iOS in market share. However, average salary for iOS developers is much higher, and this is why many software companies give their priority to develop iOS applications or at least make iOS and Android applications on line at the same time. Hope Apple can keep this kind of situation (pleased if it can make it better).

In addition to integrating iOS and OS X system experiences, Apple still keeps iOS’s unique property. For example, Apple intends to turn iOS to be a software center for health and home applications, and meanwhile plans to make iOS devices play an important role in the field of mobile payment through TouchID.

The core idea of the whole WWDC keynote is to create an all-around Apple Digital Living Ecosystem on the basis of all Apple devices and its services.

But it is worth mentioning that if the next hardware products are not touching enough, Apple will fail to carry out the strategy to further create its ecosystem – Without users, ecosystem is nonsense. However, Eddy said on Code Conference this year that Apple would release the greatest products series ever over the past 25 years. I hope this is more than a marketing slogan.