Pavtube Specials – A special gift for Father’s Day 2014

Monica Pavtube

Jun 12, 2014 09:27 am / Posted by Monica Pavtube

What does your father look like in your eyes? Tall and handsome? Simple and good-natured? Well, we have a lot of words to describe them. Sometimes you may feel that he is not approachable but he has to build an image like an iron man. He has few words but he really cares about you. He’s strict with your study or career for he wants you to become a brilliant man of wide knowledge and experience. When you’re sad he seldom says something comforting or gives you a deep hug for he really hopes you can be strong and independent enough.

2014 father's day

We can always think of preparing gifts for mothers, but hardly or never for our fathers. They’re as great as mothers for they teach and cultivate us to be a great man, and set a good example in our life.

If you’re ready to prepare or still haven’t prepared a gift for your father as the Father’s Day approaches, think about these choices. Take him to places full of memories; have dinner together with his friends; buy him a bundle of sun flowers, a warm and deep hug in the morning, etc.

Maybe we can figure out some other gifts, special but will last forever.

1. Prepare some classic movies to enjoy them with your father

When Father’s day comes, you can spend the whole day with your father watching movies and talking about the characters or maybe some other stuffs that will bridge the generation gaps and create beautiful memories.

2. Make a family video

This is really a nice choice! You can use a camcorder or maybe just a small and simple digital camera to make a family video. In this video, you can kiss your father, give him a hug and say loudly “Happy Father’s Day!” or “Dad! I love you!” What a great video! Full of laughs, full of love, and of course full of memories.

Well, if you decide to have a try with the above two Father’s Day gifts, and want them properly kept, you should not miss Pavtube specials for Father’s Day.

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And in the end I want to conclude with this familiar poem: The greatest gift I ever had came from god, and I call him Dad!