Firefox OS Apps for Android Users

Monica Pavtube

Jun 16, 2014 11:16 am / Posted by Monica Pavtube

Many of us have known Android, iOS and Windows Phone for a long time, and the three famous platforms are all supported by rich third-party apps.

Compared with the above three famous platforms, platforms such as Blackberry BB10, Jolla Sailfish, and Ubuntu have fewer supports from third-party apps. Then how to make themselves more popular and competitive? The best solution is to run their apps on Android platform or some other famous platforms.

The big news is that Mozilla announces that Android users now can run Firefox OS apps on their Android devices.

mozilla firefox os

Android uses can install Firefox browser (Android version) to visit Firefox homepage, download Firefox OS apps from Marketplace and run them directly. Mozilla says that Open Web Apps is the key experience of Firefox OS, and problems regarding performance and compatibility of Open Web Apps and original apps now have been solved in a proper way. And it hopes to make Open Web Apps the first app development application platform for Firefox OS.

Why Mozilla makes the decision to bring Firefox OS Open Web Apps to Android systems? Obviously it wants to make Open Web Apps run on more platforms and increase the number of Firefox users by taking advantage of multi-platforms. In this way, developers can be motivated and Open Web Apps will have a bright future.

Firefox OS, also known as Boot to Gecko, is a Lunix-based open-source operating system developed by Mozilla Corporation for smart phones and tablets. Mozilla Corporation announced its official name “Firefox OS” on July 2, 2012. It takes the technology of Open Web, and based on Gecko – core rendering engine. All its apps are on the basis of Web technology.

In a word, if you’re an Android user, it is quite easy to run Firefox OS apps. Download Firefox browser, visit its homepage, and get into its Marketplace to download Firefox OS apps and run them on your Android devices.