Pavtube 2014 Halloween Discount & Buy One Get One Free

Diana Joan

Oct 27, 2014 08:18 am / Posted by Diana Joan

Happy Halloween everyone! Have you prepared yourself for the upcoming Halloween? Have you bought Halloween costumes for you families already? Are you going to scare your friends with a frightful makeup? Have you decided to make a special Halloween feast for your guests? Are you expecting to get the craziest Halloween discounts?

halloween discount promotion

Pavtube has made a complete and perfect Halloween list for you to spend the best Halloween ever this November. Let’s find out what’s in the exclusive Halloween list prepared by Pavtube.

Part I. Guides to Halloween Celebrations

How to spend a pleasant Halloween? What the basic articles you need to prepare and make for the annual Halloween?

1. Halloween costumes & makeup & masks

To amuse or frighten your families, friends or just the strangers, you can dress yourself, your kids, even your pets with a special costume, or wear abnormal makeup and masks. Where can you find the costumes and masks that are in high quality and lower price? And how to DIY your makeup? Pavtube has listed reliable websites for you to get the satisfied Halloween stuff.

2. Halloween feast & pumpkin & candy & games

In addition to costumes, makeup and masks, feasts, pumpkins, candies and games are also indispensable for Halloween celebration. Pavtube has provides a variety of Halloween recipes, ways to make pumpkins and candies yourself, and games for Halloween entertainment.

Part II. The Biggest Discount Ever!

1. Win 50 % OFF discount

Enjoy the biggest discount ever in Pavtube. If you’re in need of a video converter to handle your video and audio playback issue, no worries, Pavtube is hosting the craziest discount, allowing you to get 50 % OFF discounts by just sending the URL of your YouTube video in regard to Halloween DIY stuffs (ps. Halloween DIY videos are also included in this topic, helping you learn more easily).

2. Buy One Get One Free

Buy one get one free? Really great! Pavtube has made deliberate considerations, making the four combinations in Buy One Get One Free promotion meet your needs.

a. Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate ($65) + Pavtube ByteCopy (FREE)

Both of the two video converters can handle Blu-ray and DVD conversion for nearly all devices. Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate can do extra job, performing conversion of various videos. And when converting Blu-ray and DVD sources, ByteCopy enables you to preserve and get multi-track information.

b. Pavtube BDMagic ($39.2) + Pavtube Video Converter (FREE)

This bundle is really complementary, and it really won’t let you down. You can use Pavtube BDMagic for ripping Blu-ray and DVD sources and Pavtube Video Converter for converting video sources.

c. Pavtube DVDAid ($35) + Pavtube MTS/M2TS Converter (FREE)

Pavtube DVDAid, as its name suggests, can handle your DVD collection and convert them to every format you want for playback on every playback device available on market. If you’re a landscape taker, the MTS/M2TS converter is just perfect for converting your MTS or M2TS recordings for free editing in NLEs or playback on mobile devices, home theater devices, etc.

d. Pavtube HD Video Converter ($35) + Pavtube DVD Creator (FREE)

If you want your recorded videos (SD/HD) burned into a DVD disc, this combination is perfect for you! You can install Pavtube HD Video Converter to convert your SD or HD videos and do some editing work with your editing program, and use Pavtube DVD Creator to create a personalized DVD.

Kindly note: Both Win and Mac versions of the above Buy One Get One Free are available.

What are you waiting for? Full guides to your Halloween celebrations, and delicious discounts and promotion provided by Pavtube, you can find all you need concerning Halloween in this exquisitely prepared Halloween list!