Having a Special Summer Holiday with Pavtube Summer Promotion

Monica Pavtube

Jul 02, 2014 12:34 am / Posted by Monica Pavtube

For students, the most exciting thing is a weekend without too much study as well as a long-expected summer holiday. Yes! The summer holiday finally comes! What is your summer plan? Take a full rest after a long-term study? Visit your school friends and go out for a picnic together? If you’re a parent at home, what will you give to your secondary school child apart from asking him/her to finish summer holiday practices? Or maybe you’re a diligent university student, and you can still find yourself some interesting and relaxing things during your part-time job. If you like movie or video stuff, here are some nice choices.

pavtube 2014 summer holiday specials

Drive to the cinema to watch blockbusters 2014

In this summer, there are plenty of new movies shown in the cinema for your entertainment. For example, Transformers: Age of Extinction, How to Train Your Dragon 2, Fast & Furious 7, etc.

Enjoy Blu-ray/DVD movies released this summer

If you have no time to go to the cinema, another choice for you is to enjoy Blu-ray/DVD movies released this summer holiday at home. For example, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Rio 2, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, etc.

Make memory videos during summer holiday trip

If you are a traveler or ready to prepare a travel this summer holiday, you can forget anything but a camera or camcorder which is able to record every piece of experiences and scenery, and every person you will meet during the trip for memory preservation. Now describe a scenario in your mind: breeze blows softly, summer sun brightens the wide scenery outside; on a hurtling train you sit quietly with a camera.

Really good choices for you to spend the whole summer holiday.

If you have trouble watching your Blu-ray/DVD movies or keeping the videos you made during summer travel, try Pavtube! Pavtube products will make your satisfied by converting various video sources to any audio/video format for free playback on different popular devices such as Apple series, Android series, game consoles, media players, etc.

And the good news is Pavtube has launched a program Summer Holiday 2014 Promotion plan as the summer vacation approaches. Get yourself money saving products in http://www.multipelife.com/summer-2014-deals where you can find free gifts and discounts at different degrees, and it is sure that you will spend a nice summer holiday with Pavtube.