Tips and Solutions to Play 3D Blu-ray ISO on PS3

Diana Joan

Jan 19, 2016 04:43 am / Posted by Diana Joan

Issues concerned about playing 3D Blu-ray ISO on PS3

3D Blu-ray ISO without burning is possible on PS3?

I’m basically just wondering if the ps3 is yet capable of playing 3d Bluray ISO files? Without burning? I tend to keep my movies on NAS or external drives, to my trusty olde Popcorn A-110. I know my popcorn cannot play 3d isos, but want to know if it would be possible with my PS3 instead, before I splash out on buying a more modern player that supports 3d ISOs or upgrading PC route. Thanks!

Will PS3 play burned 3d Blu-ray ISO?

I have an ISO of a DIRECT 3D Bluray rip and burn it to a 50GB Bluray disc will it play in a PS3? I’m not talking about ripping the files on a disc, then burning them. I’m talking about an actual ISO rip of the whole disc, sector by sector.

Play 3D ISO on PS3

Solution to play 3D Blu-ray ISO on PS3

As an image file of Blu-ray disc, ISO file is more or less like a zip-file. It can not be directly played on your PS3. Converting it is also meanless. The best solution to watch 3D ISO on PS3 is to burn the ISO image file to a 3D Blu-ray disc, and then copy the 3D Blu-ray disc to your PS3. Instead of burning it to an optical disk, you can also mount the 3D ISO file as a virtual disk via software like Virtual Clonedrive which can be free download from: For Windows 7 a comparable program is offered by Microsoft: on And in Windows 8 and 10 it’s even native.