Prevent Computer Auto-sleeping During Conversion

Diana Joan

Oct 24, 2014 08:10 am / Posted by Diana Joan

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prevent computer auto sleeping

Problems like computer logging off automatically can cause great annoyance. How to leave your computer working even if you’re not around? Here are guides to prevent computer auto-sleeping when during conversion with a ripping tool.

Part I. Guide to Turn off Auto Sleeping on Mac

Step 1. Open your Mac and click the Apple icon on top left corner to choose “System Preferences.”

Step 2. Click “Security & Privacy.”

Step 3. Uncheck “log off if no activity for 60 minutes.”

Part II. Avoid Computer Auto-sleeping on Windows

Step 1. Hit the “Start” icon and click “Control Panel.”

Step 2. Change “View by” (on top right corner) to “Large icons,” and then choose “Power Options.”

Step 3. In “Power Options” window, you can find “Change when the computer sleeps” in the left side bar

Step 4. Change the second settings “Put the computer to sleep” to “Never.” And then click “Save changes” to confirm.