Compare Galaxy S7 & HTC One M10, Difference Between Galaxy S7 & One M10

Diana Joan

Feb 17, 2016 10:43 am / Posted by Diana Joan

So, 2016 is really great year as we are about to see two high end Smartphone this year. As per latest updates Samsung Galaxy S7 are reported to get announced at on February 21, a day before Mobile World Congress 2016 event. While HTC will release One M10 in a separate event schedule to held in March / April. So, we are just few days away to take hands on these devices as MWC is going to held in last week of February.

Samsung Galaxy S7 VS HTC One M10

Samsung Galaxy S7 VS HTC One M10

Both theses Smartphone are going to have high end specifications. Samsung is working on 5.1 inch AMOLED display while at other hand HTC One M10 will have 5.5 inch display. The S7 is reported to have 1440 X 2560 QHD display while M10 will have 4k resolution display. Samsung is also reported to have bigger variants with Galaxy S7 Edge and S7 Edge Plus.

Processor Comparison:

Last year we have seen fastest mobile processor as Qualcomm released Snapdragon 820 SoC. Both these Smartphone’s are reported to have Snapdragon 820 processor with Adreno 530 and 4GB RAM. Rumours are also stating that Samsung can launch both Snapdragon 820 and Exynos variants of Galaxy s7. Further there is not much leaks of Exynos processor but it has been spotted in Geekbench Benchmarks.

Camera comparison:

In early rumours we have seen both S7 with 20+ MP cameras with ISOCELL camera sensors. But According to recent leaks Samsung can implement their in-house BRITECELL camera sensor with 12.2 Mega pixels while HTC will have 20 MP ISOCELL cameras.

Samsung in-house camera sensors are reported to be far better than ISOCELL, which means we are going to some amazing camera performance with Galaxy S7 series. Meanwhile it’s better to let Samsung launch S7 on Feb 21.

HTC ONE M10 vs. Galaxy S7: Price & Release date

As we said above, both phones are going to get announce in February. So, we can see these phones in shops by 2nd week of March.

We all know price is not going to matter a lot when it comes to high end devices. But still we can say HTC is going to quite affordable at this point as they are reported to release HTC M10 around $650 USD. While at other hand Galaxy S7 price will range around $800 USD which looks like a bit costlier but worth buying. As Galaxy S7 is reported with iris eye scanner, upgraded touch ID, 3D touch and high performing specifications.

So, from here we can say Galaxy S7 is going to be winner here. We are going to update you with more details soon. You can share your thoughts on these Smartphone’s by commenting below and before leaving make sure to like and share us via social links below.

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