Hidden Steam Features that Can Power Up Your PC Gaming

Diana Joan

Oct 14, 2014 08:21 am / Posted by Diana Joan

Steam, developed by Valve, provides installation, game update and community features for users. There are a lot of hidden features you may not know about Steam. Here are some obscure Steam features that can power up your PC gaming.

hidden steam features that can pwoer up pc gaming

Frequently upgrade your graphics cards drivers

As a game enthusiast, when choosing or purchasing a computer, the key point that you have kept in mind that is whether the graphics cards are powerful enough to support those big action games. NVIDIA and AMP provide driver upgrades to support the latest games. Open the Steam client to follow “Steam > Check for Video Driver Updates” and Steam will inform you whether your card supports new drivers or not.

Add non-Steam games to Steam library

Adding non-Steam games to Steam library will let your friends know the time when you’re playing the game. Open Steam client and follow “Games > Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library.

Install or uninstall games in batch

Steam upgrade enables you to install or uninstall games in batch easily. Go to Steam “LIBRARY” and select multiple games you’d like to install by pressing Ctrl + each game name. And then right click to choose “Install” and all the chose games will be installed in bulk. To uninstall games, just right click to follow “Delete Local Data.”

Install games remotely

If your PC is on, well connected to network and has been logged into Steam, you can realize remote game installation. Log into your personal Steam account at Steam Community. Follow “Games” to go to “All Games” tab. Hit on the installation icon, and the game will start downloading on your home PC.

Hide games from Steam library

Go to Steam library and right click on the game to follow “Set Categories.” Check the box for “Hide this game in my library,” and click “OK.” Though the games are hidden, you can still play them but nobody will know you own them.

Steam in-home streaming

The feature Steam in-home streaming allows you to play a game on one computer then the game is running on another computer via your home network. First of all, log into Steam account on both computers connected to the same network and then just enjoy playing games on the computer where you want to play by clicking the “Stream” option.