Streaming Videos from Windows 7 PC to DLNA-compatible HDTV

Monica Pavtube

Aug 25, 2014 08:29 am / Posted by Monica Pavtube

Like computers (desktop/notebook), printers, and HD media players, a DLNA-compatible HDTV can also be connected into your home network. You may think about putting videos from your Windows 7 PC to a DLNA-compatible HDTV and then enjoy them with the same feeling in a true theater or cinema by selecting and playing videos/music/photos. Want to get a powerful visual impact and HD video quality by streaming videos stored on your Window 7 PC to a DLNA-compatible HDTV? You can use the “Play to” feature of Windows Media Player to stream media files from Windows 7 PC to DLNA-compatible HDTV.

stream videos from windows 7 pc to dlna compatible hdtv

What is required before video streaming?

1. Check both Windows 7 PC and DLNA-compatible HDTV have been connected into your home network (wired/wireless); otherwise you won’t get videos streamed to your HDTV.

2. Having Windows Media Player 12 or the later versions installed on your Windows 7 PC.

How to stream videos from Windows 7 PC to a DLNA-compatible HDTV?

Step 1. Turn on home media streaming

Run Windows Media Player on you Windows 7 PC and click “Stream” and then click “Turn on home media streaming.” On the “Media streaming options” page, click “Turn on media streaming.” If an administrator password or confirmation is required here, please type the administrator password or provide the confirmation.

Please note:

“Turn on home media streaming” won’t be available on the “Stream” menu if the streaming has already been turned on.

Step 2. Use “Play to” in Windows Media Player

To make videos playable on another playback device like a DLNA-compatible HDTV, you can use the “Play to” feature in Windows Media Player.

Click the video you want to stream to the DLNA-compatible HDTV, and right-click the selected video to point to “Play to” option. Then your DLNA-compatible HDTV will be shown, click it to start streaming videos from Windows 7 PC.


1. Windows Media Player version

Not all versions of Windows Media Players can support DLNA and please make sure whether the version of your Windows Media Player is DLNA supported.

2. DLNA-certified products

Before streaming media files from PC to your HDTV, please check whether your TV is DLNA certified and supported. Check and find DLNA-certified products.

3. Media format compatibility

Not all video formats can be streamed from PC to a HDTV via DLNA. Please check native formats supported by DLNA media streaming.

If you’re encountering format compatibility problem when streaming media files in video formats like MKV and AVI, Pavtube Video Converter will transcode and convert the incompatible video formats to the supported formats for video streaming.

Blu-ray/DVD movies can also be streamed to your HDTV via DLNA with the help of Pavtube BDMagic.