Smartphone Photography: Tips for Taking Great Shots

Diana Joan

Oct 07, 2014 08:26 am / Posted by Diana Joan

Smartphones with great upgrades on camera settings are so powerful that they can now work as a professional camera by taking camera level photos. Do you know your smartphone camera well? Are you taking photos with your smartphone in a correct way? And How to take great shots and captures with your smartphone? Here are 10 tips for you to make your smartphone photography more professional and amazing.

tips for taking great shots with smartphone

Take shots with good posture

The very first thing you should take into consideration is that good postures make your smartphone shots much cleaner. For example, to avoid blurs in your smartphone photos, you should learn how to hold your smartphon is a stable way. To achieve perfect stability, try a tripod attachment to sustain your smarphone.

Edit smartphone shots

Though you have taken a piece of phone with your smartphone, it is still not beautiful enough to surprise your friends. It is quite easy to solve the beautification of your smartphone shots. Import them to an editing program to do some editing work. Sure the exports will make people astound.

Find a good camera app in app store

You can use other camera apps instead of the default one in your smartphone to take shots. Search through the Google Play Store, Apple Store, or Windows Phone Store to find a good one for your smartphone. To choose a right camera app, you shall go through the reviews, features, functions, upgrades of each camera app.

Never zoom in

Many people will choose to take shots with their smartphones with the function of zoom in to show an image in distance more clearly and closer. Don’t try this method for it will cause data loss and quality reduction.

Light it right

To get a professional shot from your smartphone, you should light the image or subject well. Sometimes you can use a reflector.

Take underwater shots

Most of the smartphones are not water proof. Then how do you take underwater shots and photos? Prepare yourself with a glass, and put your smarpthone into it. Please take care of your smartphone and don’t let it drop into the water.

Fix exposure

Camera exposure is used for dimmer situations. A higher exposure will get you a brighter and vibrate picture.

Pay attention to Flash

Don’t overestimate LED flashes. If you don’t have enough light, they just ensure you get a picture which is quite unbeautiful. You can snap one with flash and one without to make comparison.

Adjust white balance

Some smartphones are good at detecting white balance. But it will have trouble when the light is low. Don’t snap when you just turn your smartphone camera on. Give several seconds to your camera to ensure better looking picture.

To take great shots with a smartphone, you need to take many aspects into consideration, and good photography always takes time. Adjust your smartphone to the best setting and best position to make brilliant shots and captures.