Top 5 Ways to Watch Video Movies on TV

Diana Joan

Mar 11, 2016 08:04 am / Posted by Diana Joan

If you are tired of having friends and family members crowd around your computer screen, squinting to see the latest viral video, why not turn your big-screen TV into your new computer monitor to enjoy all your favorite movies, TV shows, video games, etc. Below article have listed 5 common ways to watch your video on your television.

Watch Movies on TV

1. DVD Player

One of the more common ways to watch movies on your TV is through your DVD player. DVD players are an affordable medium to watch high-quality movies and their prices can vary quite a bit depending on what features you want on your DVD player. As DVD players become more advanced with higher quality picture display, one can truly watch and enjoy their video-watching experience with their DVD player.

How to connect DVD player to TV:

1. Turn off the power to your TV.
2. Set the DVD player on a shelf near the TV. Make sure the DVD cables will reach the TV from the shelf you choose. Because the player has a motor inside, it creates heat. Placing the DVD on top of your TV may cause overheating.
3. Connect your DVD player by plugging in the audio/video input jacks. Plug one end of the three-pronged cord that came with the DVD player into the terminals on the TV marked Line In. The colors on the plugs correspond to the colors in the TV terminals.
4. Plug the other end of the cord into the terminals on the DVD player markedLine Out. Again, insert the plugs into the terminals with corresponding colors.
5. Plug the AC power cord into an electrical outlet in the wall. Always plug in the power cord after you have connected all the other plugs. Connecting the electricity first may set the TV channels incorrectly.
6. Refer to the user manual to change the language display on the DVD screen, if necessary.
7. Check that the clock is set correctly. If the clock doesn’t set itself, refer to the user manual to manually change the time.
8. Insert a DVD into the player to see if your connection was successful. Remember that DVDs come with menus, so they will not play automatically. You must use the remote control to select the desired options.

2. USB or external hard drive Devices

If your TV has a USB port, there’s a good chance you might be able to watch your movies using a usb flash drive. usb flash drives are devices that have a finite amount of storage space on it that can hold your contents. Among the different file types you can hold in your usb flash drive, are video files.

In order to play your movie, you must verify what specific file format(s) your TV will play. If it is not a format your TV recognizes, and every TV is different, then the file won’t play. But if your TV does recognize the file type, simply, load your video onto your usb flash drive and insert it into the USB port in your TV. Access the menu and your file should be readable and ready to play.

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3. Connect Your Computer to the TV Using HDMI Cable

Oftentimes, you’ll have video files on your computer that just doesn’t feel right watching on your small computer monitor. It may be a new downloaded show or film or it might just be family moments you managed to film. Whatever the video is, you can watch it on your television with the use of an HDMI cable. High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is an audio/video instrument used to transfer video and audio data from one HDMI-compliant source to another. If you have an HDMI port in your TV and computer along with an HDMI cable, connect the cable from your computer to your TV and watch your video on your TV. If properly connected, what happens here then is that your computer acts as a playback device (think: DVD Player) while your television acts as the monitor/screen.

4. Watch Netflix on Your Gaming Console

Netflix is one of the most popular on-demand streaming services on the Internet. Netflix has an extensive collection of television shows and films ready to be watched at your disposal. If you own one of the major gaming consoles – Playstation, Xbox, or Wii – Netflix’s services are compatible with those devices and you should be able to enjoy watching Netflix programs of your choosing. To watch Netflix on these systems, flip on your respective gaming system, and Netflix should be one of the built-in media watching options in the Video section. So, if you plan on buying the new The Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game, theoretically, you could watch the The Amazing Spider-Man film and then play the video game right after (or vice versa)!

5. DreamStream

Watching streamed content has picked up significant steam since Netflix entered the market a few years back. One of the newer products in which you can stream audio and video content to your television is through Google’s Chromecast. In its simplest form, Chromecast is a USB-like device that plugs your television and streams audio and video content through a working Wi-Fi connection. On its own, Chromecast only allows you to stream from a limited number of sites – YouTube, Netflix, and Songza to name a few.

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