Transfer DJI Phantom Footage to Computer in 3 Different Ways

Diana Joan

Jan 22, 2016 08:34 am / Posted by Diana Joan

The media of your DJI Phantom are usually recorded internally to a microSD card, when the shooting work is done, you will definitely look for a way to transfer the video footage of the MicroSD card to you computer for some post production editing work before sharing with other people. This article will you three different ways to transfer DJI Phantom to your PC/Mac computer.

DJI Phantom

Transfer using a card reader

As the media of your media of your DJI Phantom are usually recorded internally to a microSD card, therefore, the best simple way to move DJI Phantom footage to computer is to using a card reader, just take off the microSD card from your DJI Phantom camera, insert into your card reader with a USB jack, then plug the card reader into your computer’s USB port, when your computer detects the card reader, then you can simply transfer the video files from the card to your computer.

Transfer through a miscroSD adapter

It is well know that most if not all computer requires the adapter the read a microSD card, if there is not one with your DJI Phantom microSD card, you can buy an additional adapter for plug the adapter with the microSD card to your computer’s microSD card slot.

Wirelessly transfer DJI Phantom to computer

What a hassle to constantly pull the microSD card from your DJI Phantom camera and then plug it into your computer. Here a hassle free guide to transfer wi-fi based DJI Phantom video to computer.

Just by downloading a DJI Go App from either Google Play Store or iTunes App Store, then you will be able to wirelessly transfer DJI Phantom video footage to computer.

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