How to Transfer Tivo Recording to PC with Tivo Desktop Software for PC?

Diana Joan

Jul 16, 2015 10:57 am / Posted by Diana Joan

“I record some off-the-air DTV program using a Tivo (or a similar standalone box), can I transfer those files from the recorder to my hard drive? What format does the Tivo use? Is there any inexpensive way to transfer Tivo recorded programs to play on my PC?”


Video file recorded by a Tivo DVR devices stores video using a MPEG-2 compression and includes copy protection. To successfully transfer Tivo recordings to PC, you will first need to remove copy protection from Tivo recordings and then transfer the non copy-protected files to your PC with the detailed steps below:

Step 1: Download and install Tivo Desktop Software for PC on your PC.

Step 2: Connect your Tivo box to your home network.

Here, we will show you how to use the wireless connection. This connection allows you to easily stream shows from Tivo Roamio Plus/Pro to iOS and Android devices.

Using the Tivo menus, select the “Wireless” networking option, go to “Settings” > “Network” > “Change Network Settings”. Then choose “Connect using Wireless”.

Connect to home network

Step 3: Launch Tivo Desktop on your PC.

Step 4: Click the top-left “Pick Recordings to Transfer” button to open a window with your Tivo box’s “Now Playing” or “My Shows” list.

Step 5: Highlight one of the title in the list, you will see more information about the recording on the main displaying window.

Step 6: Select and check the box besides the title of the Tivo recordings you want to transfer.

Select and check Tivo recordings to transfer

Step 7: Hit right-bottom “Start Transfer” button. A transferring window will appear with the status and the time remaining.

Tivo recordings transferring process

Step 8: The Tivo recordings you have transferred to your computer will be listed in Tivo Desktop’s “Now Playing List”, you can get them by click “Tivo Recordings”.

Step 9: To watch the transferred Tivo recordings on your PC, select any title from the list and then click “Play”, your computer’s default media player like Windows Media Player will starts to play the Tivo recordings automatically.

If you want to transfer the Tivo recordings to Android tablets or phones, you can select to convert Tivo to MP4 format for better streaming and playing.

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