Multiple Ways to Transfer Video/Music/Photo Files to Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Diana Joan

Sep 17, 2014 08:18 am / Posted by Diana Joan

How to obtain digital files such as a piece of music, photo collections, and videos stored on your PC or Mac on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4? If you’re not sure about how to transfer videos, music, and photos to your Galaxy Note 4, here are several simple ways to copy local digital files from your PC or Mac to a Note 4.

transfer video music photo to samsung galaxy note 4

Method 1: Transfer video, music and photo files from PC to Note 4

Method 2. Sync video, music and photo files with Kies

Method 3. Transfer videos, music and photos to Galaxy Note 4 with Window Media Player

Method 1. Transfer from PC to Note 4

Step 1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to PC with the supplied USB cable.

Step 2. After connection, a USB icon will pop up at the top of the Notification bar. Drag down the Notification bar and tap on “Connected as a media server.”

Step 3. Please make sure the box for “Media device (MTP)” is checked on the “USB PC connection” screen. And then get ready for the file transfer between PC and your Galaxy Note 4.

Step 4. Open the PC Window Explorer, and your Galaxy Note 4 will show up in the form of a removable disk.

Step 5. Click Galaxy Note 4 and you’ll see the phone storage status where you can see folders like “Music”, “Video” and “Pictures.”

Step 6. Drag or copy-paste the video, music and photo files stored in your PC to the corresponding folder. And then you can see the video, music, and photos on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Method 2. Sync files with Kies

We have known that Apple uses iTunes to sync media files to those iDevices. Samsung also has the transfer tool Kies. First of all, you need to move videos, music, and photos to the respective folders like “Music”, “Photos” and “Videos” in Kies library.

Step 1. Install Samsung Kies 3 on PC and launch it.

Step 2. Connect Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to PC with the supplied USB cable.

Step 3. Then you’ll see the Galaxy Note 4 icon shown up under “Connected devices” on Kies 3 screen.

Step 4. Click “Sync” on top of the Kies screen, and you’ll get to the screen where you can see sync options like “Sync music,” “Sync photos”, “Sync videos,” and “Sync podcasts.” Here take “Sync music” as example. Check the box for “Sync music”, and you’ll be shown options “All music in Library (including all playlists)”, “Selected playlist” and “Selected music folder.” Check “Selected playlist” and there will be music items shown below and check the music items you want to sync to your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Step 5. After checking videos, music or photo files you want to sync to the Note 4, click the button “Sync” to transfer the selected files.

Method 3. Transfer with Window Media Player

Step 1. Connect Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to PC with the USB cable that comes with the Note 4.

Step 2. Launch Windows Media Player on PC, and on the left side bar of Windows Media Player, you’ll find the Galaxy Note 4 icon.

Step 3. Click on the “Sync” button in top right corner. Drag music, videos, and photos to the “Sync list” area. Here you can drag music, videos, and photos from both the Windows Media Library and your PC folders.

Step 4. When you have dragged all the music, video, and photo files you want to watch on the Note 4, click “Start sync.”

Step 5. Move to the left side bar to click “Sync status” under your Note 4 option to check whether the videos, music and photos have been copied and transferred to your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


Not all media files can be transferred to Samsung Galaxy Note 4. To make it effortless to start the file transfer, you need to take format compatibility into consideration. For those files such as Blu-ray, DVD or iTunes movies that are incompatible with file syncing, you’d better use a powerful Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Video Converter programs first.

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