Hardware and Software Requirements to Watch 3D Movies on Computer

Diana Joan

Jul 09, 2015 05:40 am / Posted by Diana Joan

For movie enthusiast, it is very interesting and challenge to watch your favorite movies with 3D effect. You can watch 3D movies with a 3D television. However, it will cost you a lot of money, even if you have bought one, you are still limited to the 3D resource it provides. Due to the above mentioned reason, computer sometimes can be the easiest and convenient way to watch 3D movies. You can not only save a lot of money but also get access to a lot of online 3D resource.

Watch 3D movies on computer

To watch 3D movies on computer, there are some hardware requirements you should take into consideration. You need to buy a specific 3D glasses, a 3D graphic card and a new computer that has 3D monitor.

Hardware to watch 3D movies

To view 3D movies on your computer with no problem, you will need to let you computer to render twice in everything, and this process is every essential. And to make your computer support 3D movies, it should at least achieve the following configuration:

Microsoft® Windows® Vista 32/64-bit or Windows 7 32/64-bit

Intel® Core™2 Duo or AMD Athlon™ X2 CPU or higher

1GB of system memory (2GB is recommended)

100 MB free disk space (for driver installation)

For better looks and performance, you can get a computer with i7 processor with a 8GB RAM.

Popular 3D hardware vendor list:

3D monitors: Right now, the big providers in the 3D monitor market seem to be ViewSonic, Acer and Samsung.

Philips 272G5DYEB

ASUS VG248QE 24-Inch Screen LED-lit Monitor


Asus VG278HE

Samsung T27A950 27-Inch HDTV Monitor Combo


BenQ XL2720Z

BenQ 1ms GTG 27-inch High Performance Gaming Monitor XL2720Z

LG D2343P

HP 2311GT

3D Graphic cards: There are many models that supports 3D viewing with the brands below, a few of them has been listed.


MSI GeForce GTX 560 Ti

Zotac GeForce GTX 570

Zotac GeForce GTX 580

Asus GeForce GTX 590

Sapphire Radeon HD 6950

HIS Radeon HD 6970

Asus Radeon HD 6990


3D Glasses: Perhaps 3D glasses is the cheapest accessories among all to be able to watch 3D videos.

Acer GD235HZ

Samsung SyncMaster S23A750D

LG W2363D

HP 2311gt

Asus VG278H

To save money, it is idea for you to get a full 3D-enabled computer at roughly $1000, which is more cheaper than buying a 3D television.

Video players for watching 3D movies on computer

After all the hardware configuration is done, you still need a 3D video player for you to watch 3D movies on computer, a list of 10 best 3D video players can be found below:

CyberLink PowerDVD 14 Ultra

VLC Media Player

3D Video Player

KM Player

Nvidia 3D Vision Video Player 1.7.5

DepthQ Player

Pot Player

SlySoft AnyDVD HD

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