How to View and Play GoPro Video on Android Phone and Tablet?

Watching videos from GoPro on Android tablet

“I have a GoPro video camera and want to watch video just recorded using my Android tablet on the track. However, when I connect the camera to the tablet with the USB nothing comes up? Is there a special applications that I need to have to do what I am trying to do? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.”

Ways to view GoPro videos on Android phone/tablet

Using GoPro App

To view the video on the SD card in your GoPro camera, you will need to download an GoPro App on your Android Phone or tablet. When there is a GoPro Wi-fi connection between the GoPro App and the camera, you will be able to view, copy and even delete the media on your GoPro SD card in the GoPro Media Folder.

Watch GoPro videos on Android

Outside the GoPro App

If you want to play videos on your Android phone/tablet outside the GoPro App, you must first download the files to your device via the GoPro App. And there won’t be anything in the GoPro Album on the phone unless you download the files with the GoPro App first. There is no automatic sync functionality.

Below image will show you how to download files from the GoPro App to your Android phone:

Download video from GoPro App to Android

Fix GoPro video Android playback problems

Once you have the video file downloaded onto your Android phone you can find all your downloaded content in a “GoPro Album” in your phones default photo application, typically this is in the “Gallery” application on Android devices.

An image shows where to find the GoPro Album on your Android mobile:

Find GoPro Album on Android mobile

Play GoPro videos on Android phone/tablet

After you successfully download GoPro video from GoPro App to your Android, you may encounter some video unable to playback problems caused due to profile settings/aspect ratio incompatible issue, video play backs choppy when viewing GoPro Hero 4K videos due to the immense processing power required playing 4K video.

To achieve smooth GoPro video playback on Android phone/tablet, you can download a simple to use GoPro video converter application called Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate for Windows/Mac to help you beneficially convert GoPro videos to your Android Phone/tablet preset profile formats with all the suitable video and audio parameters, in addition, you can adjust the output aspect ratio to make it compatible with the aspect ratio of your Android phone/tablet. To save space for you Android device, you can compress the 4K video to 1080p, trim or cut video to remove unwanted parts from your GoPro videos or lower the bitrate of your video to achieve a small file size.