Windows 9 Release Date, New Features and Rumors

Monica Pavtube

Aug 14, 2014 01:25 am / Posted by Monica Pavtube

Microsoft is working on to bring the new Windows operating system Windows 9 (code name Threshold) around spring 2015. Before developing a new hardware or software, one needs to make a clear target and plan, and then keep going on and on until reaching the success. For Microsoft, the target of Windows 9 is to be a deeply personal, universally human way of operating and empower people to do great things according to the poster on Microsoft office.

windows 9 release feature rumor

Various rumors suggest that the new operating system windows 9 will bring amazing new features to Windows users.

1. Virtual desktop

According to media and reporters, Microsoft plans to add a virtual desktop to Windows 9, and now this function is under testing. The virtual desktop is quite similar to the virtual desktop function in OS X and Ubuntu platform. With this virtual desktop, users can create separate desktops and switch among them with the help of a button on the taskbar.

2. Remove Charms bar

The Charms bar is accessed by moving your mouse to the right side of the screen, and on this bar there are functions like Share, Search, Devices and Settings. The Charms bar is useful in touch screen and we never know why Microsoft makes users access to it with mouse and keyboard setup. According to rumors, the Charms bar will be dropped in Windows 9, but it is unclear whether it will be removed from the desktop or the Metro interface.

3. Virtual assistant – Cortana

The Virtual assistant “Cortana” may be introduced to Windows tablets, desktop computers, and laptops with the release of Windows 9. If the report is true, Cortata is likely to exist as a desktop app in Windows 9, and users can ask for help by typing or voicing. The design of Cortana is quite similar to Google Now and these virtual assistants will know users better if the latter use them more frequently.

4. Return of the Start Menu

Another killing feature that may come with Windows 9 is the return of the Start Menu. You can easily find the Start Menu by clicking the start button in every version of Windows operating system prior to Windows 8. Now the Start Menu may come back with the release of Windows 9. The lack of Start menu in Windows 8 makes Windows users confused about how to use the operating system, and this time with the Start menu coming back, users will use Windows 9 devices more smoothly and confidently. It is good to bring back the Start menu for Microsoft and hope this time the Start menu for Windows 9 will have more new features and functions than the traditional one.

“Because the world needs Windows.” The end of the poster well highlights the importance of Windows. The preview version of this new operating system will come this fall and RTM version in spring 2015.