FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil Highlights

Monica Pavtube

Jun 13, 2014 09:02 am / Posted by Monica Pavtube

With the World Cup 2014 Brazil opening ceremony kicking off at Sao Paulo on June 12, 2014, the whole world becomes full of heat and passion. No matter you’re watching live broadcasting or experiencing at the stadium by yourself, enjoyment is the big issue instead of time. “Put your flags up in the sky; wave them side to side; show the world where you are from; show the world we are one”. Still remember this passionate official song cooperated by Pitbull, Jenifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte, three world famous singers? Really exciting and right represents the spirit of World Cup and football. How do you like those Brazil style dances? Really colorful, exotic and impressive!


Let’s share some wonderful highlights of FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil together here.

1. Brazil team

The Brazil team is the only one in the history competing in all World Cup matches. It has won 5-time champions till now and is a strong team having the most championships in the world.

2. The Jules Rimet Cup

The Jules Rimet Cup is designed to memorize the former chairman of FIFA who created the World Cup.

3. Dual citizenship football player

Diego Costa, born in Brazil, will play in World Cup 2014 this time representing the Spanish team. But there’re more dual citizenship football players. For example, Gabriel Vasconcellos Ferreira, born in Argentina, is also an Italian citizen. This time he decides to play for Argentina as a member of “Blue Camp.”

4. The mascot “Fuleco”

Fuleco is a mascot of World Cup 2014 Brazil. The idea comes from tolypeutes tricinctu, which is a unique species in Brazil. The reason for choosing it as the mascot is that FIFA wants to evoke people’s awareness of protecting endangered species. Actually it is a compound of football and ecology, for one of the most important tasks of World Cup 2014 Brazil is to make it a platform advocating environment and ecology. And Fuleco has its own account both in Facebook and Twitter. The blue parts on its head are a symbol of blue sky and ocean in Brazil.

5. Seats for the obese

This is the first time that FIFA provides seats for the obese. The special seat has a larger area that the common one and every stadium has been prepared with 1500 pieces. Really a thoughtful idea!

6. Bodyguards for Cristiano Ronaldo

As we all know, though Brazil is a beautiful country, its public security is really a problem. As the captain of Portuguese team, Cristiano Ronaldo will be protected by four bodyguards during World Cup 2014.

7. Bosnia-Herzegovina team

This is the first time for Bosnia-Herzegovina team to play in World Cup 2014, and of course will be the very focus of the whole world.

8. Intense heat

During World Cup 2014, the high temperature and intense heat is a torture but also a test for football players. The Italian coach has submitted an application for permission to drinking in the middle of match if the court is above 32 Centigrade and the application has already been approved by FIFA.

9. Manaus arena

It is said that after World Cup 2014, the Manaus arena will be transformed into a prison, for there is no football team in Manaus and prisons in this city have been overcrowded.

Are these highlights about FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil informative enough? With the World Cup matches proceeding, we may see more and more wonderful moments, kicks and those potential players. Remember this is a football season, and for you this summer is all about relax, enjoyment and cheering. What’s more, please always keep the World Cup spirit in mind and we are one sharing the same beautiful place – the great Earth!