YouTube now offer 360-Degree Videos for Gear VR

Diana Joan

Mar 23, 2015 05:53 am / Posted by Diana Joan

In January, YouTube has announced officially that it will support 360 degree video formats. It’s a smart move, making the massive video sharing site more useful to owners of Virtual Reality devices like Samsung Gear VR.

Youtube 360-degree video to Gear VR

YouTube says it will support 360 degree video viewing in its existing YouTube Android app, on YouTube’s website, and in embedded videos on Google Chrome.

Mobile users can tilt their device around to adjust the point of view, while on the desktop, viewers can use their mouse to drag the video and see new angles.

360 degree video may not be pervasive yet, but a growing number of hardware and software are supporting the form. The Samsung Gear VR, which straps a Galaxy Note 4 to your face with head-tracking goggles, is itching for content beyond Google Street View videos and a handful of gaming titles. Mobile apps like Fyuse, which presents itself as a “spatial photography” offering, also take advantage of the creativity 360 video can provide.

Right now, 360 degrees viewing feature is available only in Google chrome browser for using it in the desktop. iPhone and iPad support isn’t available yet, but Google says that it is working on making it available on them in the future. The video uploader needs to run a python command to insert metadata for 360 degree videos before uploading them into YouTube.

Although number of these 360 degree clips is small, they will be increased soon as the 360-degree camera systems are coming onto the market now. And, Google is working with various 360 degree camera manufacturers to make their video output compatible with YouTube.

Open your Google chrome browser and load any of the video in this YouTube 360 degree video list to experience the 360 degrees view by yourself, or try it in your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone.

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