Rip 3D Blu-ray for PS4/Xbox One

Diana Joan

Dec 14, 2017 07:47 am / Posted by Diana Joan

Recently, more and more users start to feedback that: They can't rip the 3D Blu-ray to PS4 or the Xbox One. Some users know how to use the third 3D Blu-ray ripper, but not all the 3D Blu-ray ripper can provide the best 3D effect. For example: One user complain that he used the tried MakeMKV to write to MKV, but won't play at all on Xbox One, and PS4 plays it 2D without sound. How to play the 3D Blu-ray on PS4 or Xbox One rightly? Don't be panic, you can get the best solution in this post.

PS4 supported DVD and Blu-ray discs

  • Blu-ray Disc
    • BD-ROM*1
    • BD-R/RE (BDAV, BDMV)
  • DVD
    • DVD-ROM
    • DVD-R/RW*2 (video mode, VR mode*3)
    • DVD+R/RW*2

Xbox One Supported DVD and Blu-ray discs

  • Mastered Blu-Ray discs
  • The Blu-ray player on the Xbox One console supports mastered Blu-ray discs.
  • 3D Blu-Ray discs
  • Xbox One supports 3D Blu-ray discs when played on 3D TVs.

Best 3D Blu-ray Ripper for PS4/Xbox One

Getting the digital 3D videos for PS4 or the Xbox One is really a good idea, but there are some complicated technologies on 3D Blu-rays, you need to get the reliable 3D Blu-ray ripper which can remove the 3D Blu-ray region code, other Blu-ray protection, at the same time, you can get the desired 3D video formats from it. I recommend you the  ByteCopy for Mac which can remove the Blu-ray region code, AACS, BD+, RC, BD-Live, UOPs, etc.

This 3D Blu-ray ripper allows you to import the 3D Blu-ray disc, 3D ISO image and folder, in addition, you cna load the common DVD and Blu-ray movie to it. Then you can convert 3D Blu-ray to 3D MP4, 3D AVI, 3D WMV, 3D MKV, etc. This software allows you to choose different 3D effect: Anaglyph 3D, Side by Side 3D, Top and Bottom 3D. Bets of all, you also can get the multiple 3D videos from the common DVD and Blu-ray discs.

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Get the Digital 3D Blu-ray Videos for PS4/Xbox One

1. Load the 3D Blu-ray disc 

Insert your 3D Blu-ray disc to Mac by a Blu-ray drive, run this software, and click File and choose Load files button to import Blu-ray videos directly from your disc. You can also load 3D ISO image to it. This software will detect the Blu-ray main titles automatically. At the main interface, you also can choose to output videos with forced subtitles and select the languages you want.

load dvd movie

2. Choose 3D videos for PS4/Xbox One

Click Format and open the output video list, you can find the 3D Video quickly, each 3D video format is with different 3D video effect, for example: Select “MP4 Side-by-Side 3D Video(*.mp4)” or “MP4 Top-Bottom 3D Video(*.mp4)”, etc. You can choose the desired 3D videos for PS4 or Xbox One, the 3D MP4 is the best video option which has the high compatibility ability.

3D MP4 video

3. Start he 3D Blu-ray ripping process

Come to the final step, you just need to go back to the main interface, hit the “Convert” button to carry out the 3D Blu-ray to 3D video conversion process. This software had the high stability and will finish the video conversion quickly, no any interruption.

When you get the 3D video, you can save it to the USB, insert the USB to Xbox One or PS4 for playback. Except this way, you also can play the digital 3D videos on PC or Mac with 3D player. Or you can play the 3D videos on the 3D Projector at home. Hope post can solve your 3D Blu-ray issues.

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