Copy Drum Instructional DVDs for Repeated Watching

Monica Pavtube

Sep 01, 2014 08:01 am / Posted by Monica Pavtube

How do you learn to play drums? Go to a drum class? A little bit expensive. Another way for you to learn how to play drums is video teaching with drum instructional DVDs. Drummer DVDs like Prog Rock Drumming Lessons, CHAD SMITH: RED HOT RHYTHM METHOD, and Accelerate Your Drumming are beneficial for your learning and growth.Want to copy your drum instructional DVDs for repeated watching instead of putting them into your computer or DVD player each time you want to view and learn? A DVD converter can realize drum instructional DVD backup.

copy dvds for repeated watching

Pavtube DVDAid, one of the top best DVD rippers on the market can meet your requirement for repeated watching of your drum instructional DVDs by providing aid in copying, ripping and converting all DVD sources including drummer DVDs to a hard drive or NAS for streaming.

How to copy drum instructional DVDs for repeated watching?

Step 1. Load drum instructional DVDs

Insert a drummer DVDs to your computer, and then run this DVD converting program. Click “File” “Load from disc” to import drum instructional DVD.

load drum instructional dvds

Step 2. Copy drum instructional DVDs

Pavtube DVDAid provides two ways for you to copy your drum DVDs.

A. Directly Copy

The “Directly Copy” allows you to extract and copy main movie from your DVDs without any extras. Click the format bar to follow “Copy” “Directly Copy” to copy the main movie/video in your drum instructional DVDs.

copy drum instructional dvd main movie

B. Full disc Copy

The forth icon on tool bar enables you to make 1:1 copy of your DVDs without any quality loss and with all audio streams, subtitle tracks, chapter markers included. If you prefer the full disc copy, then click the “Copy the entire disc” icon to realize 1:1 DVD backup.

copy entire drum instructional dvd


Other than directly copy and full disc copy, converting drum DVDs to a common video format accepted by most media players and devices in your home theater is nice and possible with Pavtube DVDAid. Or you can convert them to a video format that supported by your device.

convert drum instructional dvd to proper video format

Step 3. Start copying drum instructional DVDs

Click “Convert” to get down to copying or converting your drum instructional DVDs. Now you can use a powerful media player to play the converted drum DVDs, or transfer them to an iDevice, or stream them to TV (pay attention to format compatibility before streaming) for repeated watching.

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