Solution of Issue about DVD Playback in TV with Gear VR + Chromecast

Diana Joan

Mar 27, 2015 02:34 am / Posted by Diana Joan

So I watched a YouTube of some Australian dude casting his Gear VR screen to a TV, so of course a few hours later I'm back from Best Buy hooking mine up (also copped an extra Note 4 battery n charge kit). My first test playing Darknet DVD and streaming to the TV was cool for a few minutes by the ease of setup, but I quickly noticed jitter in the Gear VR while using Chromecast and it wasn't too long before overheating warnings shut me down for the evening. Have you tried Chromecast to share your screen with your TV? Any issues?

DVD to Gear VR via Chromecast

After the Chromecast hit Australia, plenty of people are excited about it. But one question we keep getting asked is whether the Chromecast can be used to stream downloaded videos, movies stored in smartphone, tablet, and laptop or DVD digital copies. The short answer is "yes". The long answer is "you need an app to do it".

The way Chromecast works, your smartphone, tablet, and laptop, all act as remote controls of sorts to get content flowing through the Chromecast, which is plugged in to an HDMI port on a TV. While the Chromecast is designed specifically to very easily stream YouTube and other Google content on a big screen, it can also be used to stream regularly saved DVD(ISO) movies, downloaded movies and TV shows.

However, in order to do so, you have to install the Chromecast app in Galaxy Note 4, which will help you get everything up and running. Now we'll use the user's question as our scenario and help him to solve the issue. Have you tried Chromecast to share DVD(ISO) video with Gear VR in your TV screen? Any issues?

There are 3 big steps to finish this job:

Step 1. Transfer the DVD(ISO) to the Gear VR supported video format

Step 2. Set Chromecast up from Galaxy Note 4 and cast the moviE

Step 3. Put on Gear VR headset and enjoy

Issue about DVD Playback in TV with Gear VR + Chromecast - Solved

Step 1. Transfer the DVD(ISO) to the Gear VR supported video format

In order to convert DVD/ISO to Gear VR friendly video format, such as MKV, MP4, a powerful third-part converter is necessary. Pavtube DVDAid is highly recommended to help you convert DVD/ISO to Gear VR with zero quality loss. You can get output 2D to 3D SBS MP4 movies by using this software. Just follow the steps:

1. Download,install and launch the best DVD/ISO to Gear VR ripper. Insert a DVD to your PC's drive and load the disc or ISO file into the ripper.

Load DVD movie

2. As we mentioned above, Gear VR supports MP4 and MKV. You can click the "Format" bar and choose from "3D Video" list.

Choose output format

3. Just click the "Convert" down and it will start to rip the DVD movie to Gear VR. After the conversion, to transfer your SBS 3D video files from your PC to Galaxy Note 4 SD card, follow these steps:

1. On your MicroSD card file directory, navigate to Oculus > Movies > Your Movies

2. Create a new folder within "Your Movies" and label it "3D"

3. Import or move your side-by-side 3D videos into your newly created "3D" folder

Once you have created your 3D content folder and imported compatible video files, insert your MicroSD card into your Galaxy Note 4.

Step 2. Set Chromecast up from Galaxy Note 4 and cast the movie

After the Chromecast has been attached to TV, and you will see its setup screen.

Go to the Google Play Store and download and install the Chromecast app. Upon running the Chromecast app, it should detect that there is a Chromecast nearby, and it will give an identification number for that device, shown as 'Chromecastxxxx'. Make sure the number given matches the number that you see on the screen.

The Chromecast actually emits its own Wi-Fi network, and once you start the setup process through the app, your phone will connect to this network momentarily. It does this so that you can then give your Chromecast a unique name, and then enter your wireless network's Wi-Fi password in order for the Chromecast to be authenticated on your network. Once this is all done, your phone will automatically switch back to your regular Wi-Fi network, and you will be ready to use Chromecast from any suitable device on your network without having to set it up on each device.

Please refer to this article to learn how to set up Chromecast and cast from mobile phone.

Step 3. Put on Gear VR headset and enjoy

After casting the converted DVD/ISO movie to your TV from Galaxy Note 4, put on you Gear VR headset.

After all that done, now you have created a real 3D Home Cinema in a wide-screen with Samsung Gear VR in your own living room. Enjoy!

Here is a helpful YouTube video for your reference.

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