How to Free Copy or Backup DVD with DVD Shrink?

Diana Joan

Feb 14, 2017 03:35 pm / Posted by Diana Joan

As a free and easy to use DVD Ripping and shrinking software, DVD Shrink allows you to break the encryption used on commercial DVD titles with built-in decryption algorithms. You can then compress DVD with large video titles to fit onto single recordable DVD-R disk, re-author your DVD so that you can make your own compilation from one or more source DVDs, or select only the parts of a DVD which you intend to view, thus preserving more space on your backup for the highest quality viewing or re-encoding your DVD into either an ISO image or a Video_TS folder for further processing, viewing or burning. The following article will show you how to free backup DVD with DVD Shrink.

DVD Shrink

Enough free space for backup DVD with DVD Shrink

You will need to have enough free space for this process. The DVD Shrink output will be around 4.36GB in size and if you plan to rip the DVD contents to your hard drive to speed up the process, it could be as much as 8.5GB extra space. To burn, you obviously need a DVD burner and a blank DVD+/-R(W) disc.

If you are looking to make a backup copy of a purchased DVD disc which is often dual-layer, you should prepare a dual-layer blank DVD, which which are noticeably more expensive than regular blanks, you will need to make sure the resulting copy is 4.36GB or less in size.

Tips: The program is very flexible, and it tries to balance quality and content as best as possible. You can improve the quality of the output copy by cutting out areas of the DVD that you do not need, such as extras, directors commentary, foreign audio, subtitles etc. but you can also opt to keep all of these things at the expense of quality. If all you care about is the DVD movie and not the menu or anything else, you will get the best cop

Step by step to free copy or backup DVD with DVD Shrink

Step 1: Load DVD with DVD Shrink.

Open up DVD Shrink, on the main interface, click “Open Files” button to navigate through your Hard Disc Drive contents to select the VIDEO_TS folder (or whatever folder the DVD Files VOB, IFO, BUP, etc are in) and click OK. DVD Shrink will now start analysis of the files (see below). To open from DVD disc in DVD drive, click Open Disc, select the drive number that the DVD is in and click OK. DVD Shrink will now start analysis of the disc (see below).

Load DVD with DVD Shrink

Step 2. Set compression ratio and select the audio track you want to get.

On the right pane, choose the compression ration you want to use. “Automatic” means DVD Shrink will compress the video to fit on a DVD5 disc. If you like, you can choose other video compress ratio to get the best video files you want. As you can see, there may be many audio tracks included in the movie. Feel free to exclude the audio tracks you don’t want to retain in the backup by unchecking any “Audio” or “Subpicture” options. In this way, you can reduce the output video size.

Set compression ratio and audio track

Step 3. Start to back up your DVD movies with DVD Shrink.

After all settings is completed, hit “Back Up” button on the top center and will pop out the following Backup DVD window. Under Select backup target: If you want to back up the DVD movie to your computer’s hard drive, you can choose “Hard Disc Folder”. If you want to copy the DVD movie to a new DVD for backup, you can choose “ISO Image File” to create ISO files for later burning. Specify the output location where you’d like to save your files and then press “OK” to start DVD backup process using DVD Shrink.

Set backup target

Best DVD Shrink alternative to backup DVD

The DVD backup process with DVD Shrink may be a little complicated for some users, in addition, compare to other professional DVD Ripper program on the market, DVD Shrink still has the following limitations that force us to find DVD Shrink alternative.

– Only available on Windows platform
– Get errors when use to shrink many recently released DVD movies
– Only supports to strip off Region code, UOP and partial CSS/Macrovision from DVD disc, not work with many other DVD copy protection types such as RCE, Key2Audio, ArccOS, FluxDVD, etc.
– Offer very limited output format options
– Stop outdated for over 10 years, it has poor compatibility with the new Windows 10 platform such as Windows 10.

If you are looking for a powerful yet simple to use DVD Shrink alternative, here, we highly recommended Pavtube DVDAid for Windows/Mac, Pavtube BDMagic for Windows/Mac, Pavtube ByteCopy for Windows/Mac to you, all the 3 programs are available on both Windows and Mac platform. You can not only use those program to bypass all DVD copy protection and region code but also make a 1:1 full DVD disc copy with original structure, main movie copy without unwanted extras or backup DVD into various popular file formats or hot devices and programs preset profile formats. What’s more, with Pavtube ByteCopy, you can also make a lossless digital copy of DVD into multi-track MKV format with all your desired subtitle languages and audio tracks.