Rip Warner Bros DVD Movie to AVI with Multi-track for Playing on DVD Player

Diana Joan

Nov 25, 2014 08:44 am / Posted by Diana Joan

DVD region codes are a digital rights management designed to protect the rights and benefits of film distributors. Some DVD players are region-locked, which means people can only play DVDs encoded to their region while some DVDs are region-free and they can play all discs.

rip warner bros dvd movie to multi track avi

If you buy overseas DVD movies like those from Warner Bros, you’ll not be able to play them with the DVD player in your country.

How to break the limitation of DVD region codes? A DVD ripper can remove DVD region codes and convert DVD movies to a video format like AVI which is proper for playback on DVD players. Pavtube ByteCopy can rip DVD movies released by Warner Bros to AVI with multi-track information preserved, enabling you to play DVDs from other regions and countries effortlessly.

How to rip Warner Bros DVDs to multi-track AVI for playing on DVD Player?

Step 1. Load Warner Bros DVD movie

Run the DVD to AVI converter on PC and click “File” > “Load from disc” to load DVD movie to it.

load dvd movie to dvd to avi converter

Step 2. Pick AVI with multi-track feature as output

Click on the format bar near “Settings” button, and you’ll be presented with an output format list where you can choose the output format as you want, and here you need to follow “Multi-track Video” > “Multi-track Interlaced DV PAL Video (*.avi).”

convert dvd to avi

Step 3. Convert Warner Bros DVD to multi-track AVI

If it is necessary for you to edit your Warner Bros movie or adjust audio and video settings for better enjoyment on DVD players, you can go to “Video Editor” and “Profile Settings” screen respectively to perform the operation. Or you can just hit the “Convert” button to start conversion from DVD to AVI after setting an output folder to save the converted Warner Bros DVD movie.

Step 4. Burn AVI to DVD

To make the converted DVD movie playable on your DVD players, you need to burn the AVI file to DVD with a proper AVI to DVD creator.

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