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Pavtube ByteCopy

Pavtube ByteCopy Review

  • Jerry Jerry

    A very good program to manage 5.1 sound

    1. Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is a very complete program that allow to convert any video, merge them in one video, convert a DVD or BluRay disc into a video, handle very well 5.1 sound, permit the edition of video to cut part of them etc.... This is a very good program. 2. Before I used Aiseesoft Blu-ray Ripper. This is a program that has similar function excepted that he doesn't succeed to manage 5.1 sound. Every try I did resulted in a video corrupted and that cannot be read. 3. So I have tried to find a new program that would permit to rip my Bluray with a 5.1 sound. Additionally Pavtube had smart features like defining the size / bitrate / frame rate of the new video like the original. Also Pavtube analyze the video we want to convert and give us all the info we need. 4. I have met no problem in using the software 5. I think that it would be very great to see all features that offer Pavtube software combined in one ultimate program. Actually one thing miss to Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate. The possibility to handle subtiles and audio stream in the program, something that Pavtube ByteCopy does. But Pavtube ByteCopy is not an ultimate converter... 6. I would rate my overall satisfaction 4.9 stars... let's say 5 stars if we cannot use decimals :p

  • Wills Wills

    Store more than one audio stream in the MKV container

    I was able to store more than one audio stream in the MKV container and then choose during playback (I love to listen to the English sound track, but when my girlfriend watches we need to switch to French).

  • Thomas Thomas

    Good compression and multi subs

    Thanks to you guys. The bytecopy works great. good compression and multi subs. thums up Its the software i have been looking for.. so one's again.. THX.

  • Ynoybe1 Ynoybe1

    Nice product

    I bought the full version after testing out the trial. Nice product. I will test it much more extensively now that I have the full version. I have a CUDA enabled video card (GTX 460). I wish the conversion rate was faster. It's not bad at about 1.7 the length of the movie (h.264 @ 8000kbps), but the benchmark is definitely 1:1 or less than the run time of the movie. Considering the GTX460 is an extremely powerful processor, the conversion rate should be faster. I have tested a lot of blu-ray rippers and this one is the only one that offers to keep the HD audio. As long as this software keeps up with the copyright protections, I’ll be pretty happy. Thanks!

  • Preugpaibul Preugpaibul

    Put many audios and many subtitles

    I just use the ByteCopy on almost 10 blu-ray discs and several dvd-9 discs. It extremely fast on my Athlon PhenomII 3.4Ghz+8GBRam and Gigabyte GTX460. The results are exceptional far more than expected. What I really like is the ByteCopy can put many audios and many subtitles just like the real Blu-ray discs. This capability alone can sell especially for foreigners like myself. I'd like to listen to English and read English subtitle to learn English while sometimes I'd like to switch to my mother-tongue language if I don't understand the story.

  • Scott Scott

    Nice as it has CUDA Support

    ByteCopy is a nice little ripper program, I got it mainly for quick rips. Nice as it has CUDA Support. It works fine and is a very good program for the novice user.

  • Quan Quan

    Successfully convert VC-1 m2ts to H264 without any audio track delay

    I have just purchased your Bytecopy for VC-1 converting to H264. Well, I was trying to backup my CSI Season 1 Blu-ray to an external hard drive. It was done pretty well, which successfully convert VC-1 m2ts to H264 without any audio track delay. That video format is interlaced, so I switched up "Deinterlacing" in Preference and it did amazingly well!

  • Rupert Heesom Rupert Heesom

    CUDA technology was my reason for buying the software

    I am happy with the software, although I still have to use the software on a gpu to speed it up. ByteCopy’s CUDA technology was my reason for buying the software.

  • Peterson, John M Peterson, John M

    Works wonderfully

    The product works wonderfully, not one hiccup so far, have ripped 10 blurays and over 30 dvds to my pc media server.

  • Adolfo Adolfo

    Handles subtitles well

    I tried a lot of SW, but no one handles subtitles as well as Bytecopy processes. I'll certainly recommend to everyone BytecCopy because it is really complete. What interests me above all is to reduce the size of a mkv file, and to be honest with you, I have tried many programs and those that are closer to Bytecopy are "VidCoder" and "XMedia Recode".The first uses the excellent Codec "Handbrake" (why do not you also implement in Bytecopy?) but does not handle subtitles of BD.The second one is complete, with a good codec, but too complicated.I also tried commercial programs like the famous DVDFab, but it even goes in "crash" when trying to reduce the size of a mkv file (generated with "MakeMKV"). With other mkv files generated with other SW, DVDFab is OK but it can handle only one language and does not see the subtitles.

  • James James

    Good at preserving chapters

    Pavtube ByteCopy seemed to be good at preserving chapters. Picture quality and sound quality was great. I didn't notice any picture/audio sync problems which I did when using other methods.

  • Wayne Wayne

    I enjoy using the program

    All the other programs I used where either very slow, didn't take the movie off in lossless quality or couldn't get the information off the disc. ByteCopy always gets the movie off the disc in lossless quality with no hassles. I also get to choose the subtitles and the audio channels and I get all the chapters as well which I love. It does exactly what I want it to do and it does it efficiently and effortlessly. Overall I enjoy the functionality, simplicity and the efficiency of ByteCopy. I enjoy using the program.

  • Brain Brain

    Thanks to CUDA

    After using the cuda code, i went from 6,5 hours to 1,5 hours of making the same mkv. Thats 4,3 times faster than before. So saying that its 3 times faster with cuda i so true. So i only needed the videocard and not a whole new system , thanks to CUDA.

  • George George

    Every software works great!

    Just a quick note to tell you that I have purchased 3 of your software. Every software works great! I am so happy that I purchased Pavtube software!!! Keep up the great work and hope that you can come up with a Bluray or DVD converting software that will convert a 50 gig To 25 gig disc.!

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