Step by Step Guide to Run Kodi on Samsung Gear VR

Diana Joan

Jan 19, 2016 04:09 am / Posted by Diana Joan

This will not directly run Kodi though the GearVR but simply stream over your Wlan what your Kodi on your computer is displaying. Since this is still in Beta it will only work with an Nvidea Video card capable of Gamestream through the Nvidea Gforce experience app. Since Oculus or Samsung does not allow us to simply use any app we have to get the application signed first.

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Setup Kodi on Gear VR

1. With your computer download the StreamTheater app from
2. Head to , download the application to your Phone and get your device ID
3. Using your computer go to and enter the device ID from your phone and download the osig file
4. Download the Sideload VR injector to sign the apk with your device ID by downloading the archive from
5. Extract the archive to a convenient location 6 Move the Streamtheater.apk and the osig file from samsung in the same folder. I recommend the root of your C drive or another drive for easier accessibility.
6. Open a command prompt and browse to the folder you have all the files. I places all of my files in to a folder called vr on to the root of my D drive and used the following commands
D:>cd vr
D:\vr>run streamtheater.apk oculussig_19d5c4a7.bin
oculussig_19d5c4a7.bin will be different for you as your device ID is different

This will create a file called signed_streamtheater.apk
1. Move that file to your phone and install it.
2. Install and set up Kodi on your computer. You should be able to find a guide for that somewhere.
3. Download and set up your PS4 controller per the instructions provided.
4. Open Kodi and get familiar with how to control it. I am able to use the touch pad of the Ps4 controller which is Helpful.
5. Open the Nvidia experience app and browse to Preferences, Select SHIELD on the left. Under Game Stream click on the little plus sign on the right hand side of the box.
6. Browse to Kodi “C:\Program Files (x86)\Kodi\Kodi.exe” This will allow Game stream clients to control Kodi
7. Make sure you are on the same network as the computer you are trying to stream the content from. Start the Stream Theater App on your phone and you will be presented with a little pop up asking you to plug the phone into your gearvr.
8. Make sure Kodi is already running on your computer and in full screen mode.
9. Now pop your phone in put on your GearVr and select Kodi for windows. And you should be able to control Kodi through the VR.

Please let me know if anything needs any clarification and I will be happy to help. I wrote this up quickly and hope it makes some of you happy. I’ve been having a blast watching old dragon ball episodes on the big screen.

Go and thank the guys over at /r/StreamTheater for this creation.

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