Top 5 App Store for Android You Must Know

Diana Joan

May 03, 2015 09:40 am / Posted by Diana Joan

There are a surprising number of Android app stores, but we can safely say that many of them don’t offer much in the way of enticement. We’ll run through some of the top options here that actually offer specific benefits to draw you in and then list a solution of how to transfer movies/music from Android store to all home devices.

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Top 5 Android App Store:

1. Google Play Store

Google Play

It is a well-known fact that every Android user has access to Google Play Store. In most of cases, the Google Play Store app it is already installed on brand-new devices.

Google Store has more categories of apps and it is intuitive because you can see all your installed apps (pre – installed with operating system and installed by your own). If there are updates for your app or apps, you will be prompted to download them. In case that you do not have the Google Play Store app, when you try to download a special app, it is possible to be redirected to the website in order to download first this app. After Google Store it is installed on your Android device, you can download any app directly from Store or from any website that has this widget embedded.

Description: There are three categories like Apps, Music, Books. It seems that Games Apps are the most downloaded, free and paid. When you visit Google Store, right from the start you are invited to visit the latest gaming applications, although you can find many more good music songs and books.

2. Amazon Appstore for Android

Amazon App Store

Amazon App StoreThe highest profile alternative to Google Play is definitely the Amazon Appstore, and it’s the default location for Amazon’s Kindle line of tablets. It offers a much smaller selection of apps and games, but everything has passed Amazon’s quality control standards. It is polished and easy to use.

For consumers, there are two obvious advantages to using the Amazon Appstore. The free app of the day promotion has featured some great premium apps. You can also use the Test Drive feature to try out apps in your browser before you buy.

For developers it could be a good source of extra income, but there have been rumblings about Amazon’s right to choose when to do promotions. Some developers have reported huge download numbers off the back of the free app of the day promotion, but no resulting increase in sales. You are also likely to do better with tablet optimized apps than smartphone apps in general.

3. GetJar


You’ll find a huge repository of free apps here for various platforms including Android. It’s fairly basic, but apps are divided into categories and sub-categories to make it easier to find what you want. You’ll also find likes or dislikes and comments on each app from users. It can also connect with Facebook. On the downside, you will encounter sponsored recommendations, but they are clearly marked.

Through the GetJar Gold system and the GetJar Rewards app, you can discover apps tailored for your requirements and you can earn rewards that will give you premium apps and upgrades to your favorites for free.

GetJar’s clever draw is to offer premium apps to users for free to generate traffic and then monetize that traffic with advertising dollars. Developers might be tempted by the virtual currency tie-ins and the option to target new users with different kinds of promotions. It is possible to integrate GetJar Gold into your apps, and it has 50 million users. Be warned though, the submission process might take a while.

4. Samsung Galaxy Apps

Samsung Galaxy Apps

Most manufacturers try to entice people to use their own apps and services. Some companies, like Sony, with fingers in a lot of pies, want you to commit to their ecosystem of content. As the biggest and most successful Android device manufacturer around, Samsung has been offering a range of its own services and content on all of its devices, and that includes apps. The old app was Samsung Apps, then it became S Suggest, and it was finally re-branded as Galaxy Apps in July 2014. There’s also a website that you can sign into and it enables you to browse apps and send them directly to your device.

Galaxy Apps is supposed to draw on a special algorithm to assess a bunch of data and throw up intelligent tailored recommendations for you. On the surface it appears to recommend the same old suspects. There are a lot of categories, and it’s a slightly different view of the mass of Android apps on offer, so it could help you find something new, but the search function isn’t great.

For developers there is a submission process that allows you to get your app certified. The income split is a standard 70/30, with 70 percent going to the developer and 30 percent for Samsung. As the number one smartphone manufacturer, with app distribution across 125 countries, it’s probably worth considering.

5. Slide ME

Slide ME

This alternative Android app store has a global reach and a decent user base. It offers free and premium apps in various categories and they all pass through a quality control process. One of the attractions for users is availability globally and support for various payment options including PayPal. It’s also easy to filter your searches and you’ll find good app descriptions.

There is probably a greater enticement for developers because Slide ME offers the chance to target a wider international audience. Apps are more likely to stand out because the choice is more refined. Developers can set prices and choose to offer their apps for free. There is also a Slide ME ad network. It is even possible to get a greater percentage of the revenue generated by your app with Slide ME, than the standard 70 percent you’ll get in most places.

How to share Android store downloaded movie/music to all home devices

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