View Blu-ray & DVD Films on Lenovo Yoga Laptop

Diana Joan

Oct 08, 2014 08:20 am / Posted by Diana Joan

Windows 8 and Window 8 Pro don’t come with DVD movie playback capability and you’ll not find a DVD slot in Lenovo Yoga series (e.g. Lenovo Yoga 2, Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro) to insert your DVD disc, for these laptops run Windows 8 operating system.

view blu-ray dvd on lenovo yoga laptop

Though there is no built-in DVD drive or CD drive in a Lenovo Yoga laptop, you can still play DVDs and even Blu-rays on it. With the help of a DVD and Blu-ray to Lenovo Yoga ripper, you can present every piece of your disc movies onto a Lenovo Yoga laptop. Let Pavtube ByteCopy solve your requirement for viewing DVD movies with your Lenovo Yoga laptop by converting DVD and Blu-ray discs to Lenovo Yoga.

How to view Blu-ray and DVD films on a Lenovo Yoga laptop?

Step 1. Load DVD/Blu-ray films

Open up this DVD and Blu-ray ripper on PC, and on left upper corner find “File” option, click it to follow “Load from disc.”

load blu-ray dvd movie to blu-ray dvd ripping software

Step 2. Pick proper format for Lenovo Yoga

Choose an output format compatible with the video players installed on your Lenovo Yoga by clicking the format bar.

choose proper output format for lenovo yoga laptop


1. To play DVD and Blu-ray films on a lighter and more portable device, an iPad will be nice enough.

convert blu-ray dvd to ipad

2. For those who want to get multiple audio tracks/subtitles, and chapter markers, this multi-track featured DVD and Blu-ray converters allows to preserve multi-track information, enabling you to choose from multi-track outputs.

convert blu-ray dvd to multi-track video for lenovo yoga

Step 3. Convert Blu-ray/DVD to Lenovo Yoga

On bottom right corner hit the red button “Convert” to get start with Blu-ray and DVD to Lenovo Yoga ripping.

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