VTech New InnoTab for Kids Release 2014

Monica Pavtube

Jul 11, 2014 01:31 am / Posted by Monica Pavtube

VTech is one of the largest manufacturers specialized in cordless telephones as well a global supplier of electronic learning products. It is also one of the global top 50 electronic manufacturing service providers.

Recently VTech released 3 new education tablets for kids, and they are InnoTab Max, InnoTab 3S Plus and InnoTab 3 Plus. With simple and clean interface and operation, the new InnoTab series are suitable for kids from 3 to 9 years old, and will come into the market about August and October 2014.

learning tablets for kids

InnoTab Max is a powerful learning tablet with Wi-Fi and a big screen of 7-inch. It runs Android operating system and allows kids to download more than 650 learning apps as well as those Android educational apps. You don’t have to worry that your kids will be obsessed with those Android games. These learning apps are kid-friendly for they have been checked carefully by VTech. 

Open a world full of learning fun for your kids, and VTech new kid tablet InnoTab 3 Plus is a basic education tablet. It is quite an easy-to-use learning tablet for kids but it doesn’t support Wi-Fi.

As an update of InnoTab 3 Plus, InnoTab 3S Plus allows kids to have free access to VTech Premium Kid Connect and Wi-Fi.

Maybe you’re a strict parent, but with VTech new InnoTab for kids, edutainment products designed for kids are beneficial to their growth.

Got educational Disney DVDs? It is possible for you to put these edutainment movie and video sources to VTech new kid tablet even though InnoTab lacks a DVD drive. A DVD to VTech Innotab converter will be a good solution, and Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is worthy of your choice for it can move DVDs to different devices.

Want to play leaning DRM videos (e.g. videos purchased from Amazon, iTunes, Zune Marketplace, etc) on VTech new kid tablet? As the best DRM video conveter, Vidpie is capable of removing DRM protection and allow your kid to enjoy a free video playback on VTech new kid table.

Android apps for kids are quite limited, so it is necessary for you to prepare some other learning sources for your kids. Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate and Vidpie, as a money saving bundle, can solve playback failure concerning those educational video and movie sources on VTech Innotab.