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Pavtube BDMagic for Mac

Pavtube BDMagic for Mac Review

  • Matthew Matthew

    Much easier to use, plus it's much quicker

    Just wanted to let you know that the bdbreaker worked perfectly, so I've now purchased the full software and am busy converting some Christmas Blu-Rays for the kids. Thanks for all your help. And to add, I've previously tried other software for this, such as that offered by DVDFab, and yours is so much easier to use, plus it's much quicker, so well done to all at Pavtube.

  • Massimo Massimo

    Great! It worked good and faster

    Great! It worked good and faster with the first blue ray copy on my MacPro. I selected directly copy about my blu ray disc and after that I burned on RW BD 50GB with Toast. After an hour I'ved got my copy. Work fine on my home theatre. I'm happy to discovered Pavtube. Hope you inform me about next update. If Pavtube re-masters a copy on 25 RW BD it should be perfect. Many blue raydisc, at the moment, it's over 25GB. Waiting next release...

  • Mark Mark

    It's awesome

    Have tried Pavtube Blu-Ray Ripper with Mac DVDs, I have tried your demo version with DVDs for playback on my AppleTV, iPads, iPhones, etc. It's awesome. I am ready to buy the real version.

  • Paul Paul

    Well worth the money

    The software has been working great! I ripped 14 bluray disks each 1-2 hours in length. Never once crashed or performed in anyway other than expected. The video quality is stunning. I ripped to 1920X1080 with 2 channel sound. Each video was 5-8 gb in size. The quality on the displays looks just like bluray quality. The integrated codecs worked without a hitch. I've been using handbrake for the past 2 years and Pavtube is much easier to use, better quality video output, and all together well worth the money. It’s true that you get what you pay for. I got what I feel is a quality product. Computer used for ripping/converting: 21.5" iMac, 3.06ghz with 4gb of ram. Each video took about 3-5 hours to rip/convert. Pretty fast if you ask me. Great job on the Pavtube. A+++++

  • Robert Robert

    It works great

    It works great! I had several disks that "Mac Bluray ripper Pro" could not rip. Your software decoded it with out any problems.

  • Dancjodanc Dancjodanc

    I do like the software

    I do like the software! When I rip Blu Ray in the full copy, or direct copy mode it is very fast! Sometimes an hour.

  • Frank Frank

    Like your software a lot

    Overall like your software a lot so far. It could be faster with my hardware but this doesn't mean it's slow. A 90 min. BluRay takes about 40 min to copy one to one. The interface is clear structured, the handbook is useful and there are lots of conversion possible. A cheap Netgear Mediaplayer or PS3 easily can play BluRay's so I would expect my MBP can do so. Would be nice if you could offer a software player as well.

  • Akimoto Akimoto

    Very satisfied with the Mac BD ripper

    I've been using Blu-Ray Ripper for 1 week without any problems I'm very satisfied with this software.

  • Thanks SO much for the support! Thanks SO much for the support!

    I was happy to pay for the premium product!

    Thanks SO much for the support! This is why I was happy to pay for the premium product! I have tried probably 20 movies, playing with both video and audio bitrates and the best I can get to play to the AppleTV without glitching is 4mbps h264 video, 160kbps 2 channel audio, 1280x720, 24fps. Given that 4mbps is still more than iTunes "HD" content, I think that's the best I will do.

  • I like your software so far. It I like your software so far. It

    The software has been working great

    I like your software so far. It seems easy to use and I like all of the presets you have put into the software. Also, the tutorials you have your website have been a great deal of help. I use a WDTV Live Plus connected to my AV Receiver and TV. I store the converted files on a portable hard drive or I play them off my Mac computer to the WDTV Live Plus box through the network. So far, the software has been working great.

  • Glen Glen

    The viewing result is quite good

    My initial reason for buying Pavtube Blu-Ray Ripper for Mac was to solve a problem with a 2-disc Blu-ray set, which I purchased from the USA. The discs turned out to be coded for Region A. (I live in Australia - Region B for Blu-ray). I have tried converting an m2ts file into a best-quality Quick-Time movie using Pavtube and the viewing result is quite good using the Quick-Time Player 7- superb picture quality.

  • Pavtube is very reliable and wor Pavtube is very reliable and wor

    Very reliable and works without glitches or problems

    Pavtube is very reliable and works without glitches or problems. I have had no problems so far with any disc, "great product"! Ripping speed could be a bit faster, besides that very happy with the software.

  • Scott Scott

    It works great!

    It's working great so far. Doing exactly what it is supposed to. I use it to rip DVD's and Blu Rays to the 1080 PS3 format. I then put the files on my external hard drive connected to my PS3. It works great! Thanks for a great product.

  • Robert Robert

    Intuitive and easy to use

    Your ripping software is outstanding, it's intuitive and easy to use.

  • Mike Cohn Mike Cohn

    I've liked it so much

    I purchased it to rip Blu-Rays because I travel and could never watch them. I'm in the (long) process of ripping a few thousand DVDs I also own.

  • I purchased this program so I co I purchased this program so I co

    I find it very useful

    I purchased this program so I could convert blu ray movies into files that play on iPhone and iPad, and this appeared to be the best and most user friendly program. I appreciated being able to trial it first to make sure it suited me.

  • Hainline Hainline

    An excellent and very dependable program

    It managed to chew through a heft-sized Blu-Ray disc in about 3 hours. I find this perfectly acceptable. That, and the estimated time was right on the money. So yeah, as far as actually doing what it’s supposed to. So as far as the program’s actual functionality goes, well, kudos . . . you did a fantastic job, there.

  • Mario Mario

    Software is performing really well

    Software is performing really well. I use it to rip my blu-rays to mp4 so I can watch on my iPad Air or to make a backup copy to DVD. I have spread the word about Pavtube to all my computer friends. I have told them also how quick you guys are to respond.

  • Per Per

    Works excellent

    It works excellent so far. Made backups yesterday of the new Twilight Eclipse and The Expendables. The movies I had problem with before also worked.

  • Roland Roland

    It works absolute great and easy!!!

    I ordered a few days ago your BDMagic for Mac Software. It works absolute great and easy!!! So I copied a few Blu-ray with DIRECT COPY. That’s fine!

  • Jack King Jack King

    Works great

    The software works great although it does take a while to convert. The picture quality is great. I am using Quick Time player to watch the movies although I do have WMV. I did try other software before I tried yours. Wondershare, Make MKV Amerishare etal. I am pleased with your software hands down in that it is not complicated in any way.

  • Kevin Kevin

    A happy customer

    I'm extremely pleased how PavTube outshines Handbrake, because it backups my Blu-rays and plays these files on my GoogleTV. Handbrake nor Turbo HD wouldn't do it. PavTube creates a file size approximately 3-4GB with 6 channel audio. I was shocked when GoogleTV played the file. However, a converted DVD via Handbrake or TurboHD with similar converted options like .mp4 to a similar file size of 3-4GB with 2 channel audio wouldn't be recognized by my GoogleTV--I don't know why, it had the same .mp4/h264 format. I would have to downscale the file below 2GB, losing some video quality for GoogleTV to play it. BUT....thankfully PavTube magically creates these higher resolution files and plays them on my GoogleTV...makes me a happy customer.

  • Steve Steve

    An excellent and very dependable program

    I used HandBrake (free version) for Mac and before that used Pavtube for Windows. I feel that the Pavtube BDMagic for Mac is an excellent and very dependable program. I really haven't encountered any issues that need improvement.

  • Theron Theron

    Works great on everything

    Playback on Quicktime, iPad, iPhone, and on XBox 360s as media extenders to a Win7 Media Center PC. Works great on everything.

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