Convert GoPro Camera Videos for Streaming to iPads, iPhones, Xbox One, Xbox 360

Diana Joan

Oct 21, 2014 08:39 am / Posted by Diana Joan

GoPro Hero cameras are compact, lightweight, and wearable on different vehicles. A GoPro Hero camera produces HD H.264 MPEG-4 (*.mp4) videos, and can be played on computer well. As we all know, most of the playback devices support MP4, and then why GoPro MP4 videos cannot be played on devices like an iPad Air, iPhone 6, Xbox One, Xbox 360, or other devices?

gopro to ipad iphone xobx

Check your iPhone, iPad, Xbox One, or Xbox 360 technical specifications for there are strict rules for MPEG-4 playback. If the Mbps, pixels and FPS of your GoPro MP4 recordings are inconsistent with iPad or iPhone demands for MPEG-4 playback details, you’ll get error when play a GoPro camera video.
How to stream GoPro Hero camera videos to iPads, iPhones, Xbox One, Xbox 360 or other devices on network and make them playable? Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac, a nice Mac GoPro video converter, can help rip MP4 recordings shot by GoPro Hero cameras to a MP4 video supported by iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, iPhone 6, game consoles, or other mobile and home theater devices.

How to watch GoPro camera videos on iPads, iPhones, Xbox One, Xbox 360, etc?

Step 1. Import GoPro Hero recordings

Open up this GoPro camera video converter for Mac, and click “File” to import the camera videos generated by your GoPro Hero. Sony XAVC, recorded Fraps AVI and camera videos in MKV, MOV, and MTS format can also be imported to the HD video converter for future purposes. 

import gopro video

Step 2. Choose MP4 as output

Click the format bar to select a proper output format under “iPad” or “iPhone” or “Xbox 360” option. If you got other devices at home on network, just find it in the format list. If your devices are not covered in the format list, choose an intermediate format under “Common Video” option.

convert gopro to ipad iphone xbox

Step 3. Convert GoPro camera videos to MP4

Hit the red button “Convert” to rip GoPro camera videos to iPads, iPhones, Xbox One, Xbox 360, or other devices.

Step 4. Stream GoPro videos

For iOS users, there are a variety of free ways to stream the converted GoPro camera videos to iPhones and iPads such as Air Playit, Air Video, StreamToMe, iTunes, etc. For Xbox One and Xbox 360 users, just get down streaming the converted GoPro videos.

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