Torrent AVI Movies Has Only Audio in Windows Movie Maker

Diana Joan

Jan 22, 2016 08:01 am / Posted by Diana Joan

Torrent movies has only audio in Windows Movie Maker

"I downloaded a video torrent onto my Windows Vista laptop. When I try to play it on Windows Movie Maker, I can only place the file into the audio/music section, even though it is listed as an .avi file when I import the file and drag onto the timeline. There is no red X or any sign of a problem with the actual file. When I go to preview it, I only get a black screen, as expected when playing audio files."

Torrent AVI has only audio in Windows Movie Maker

Why torrent AVI movies not play on Windows Movie Maker?

After checking for supported file for Windows Movie Maker, we find that AVI is included in Windows Movie Maker supported video format list as below:

WMM supported audio file formats

From the lists above, we can see that although Windows Movie Maker only has support for AVI files compressed with DV standard and Motion JPEG files. However, it is well know that AVI is a multimedia container format, it can contain video and audio file with various compression codec such as Cinepark, Microsoft MPEG-4 video, Divx, Xvid. If the torrent AVI movies are compressed with one of those compression codec, you will definitely fail to open them in Windows Movie Maker.

Fix Torrent AVI has only audio in WMM issues

To solve this problem, what you need to do is simply transcode Torrent AVI movies to Windows Movies Make compatible DV-AVI files. To get the conversion easily completed, we would like to recommend you to download Pavtube Video Converter, which facilitate you to convert torrent avi movies to Windows Movie Maker readable DV-AVI formats in either NTSC DV AVI files or PAL DV AVI files according to your regions. Besides Torrent AVI files, the Video to Windows Movie Maker also gives you the chance to import other file formats such as MTS/M2TS files, DVD disc, Blu-ray movies, GoPro Hero video, etc to Windows Movie Maker.

How to convert Torrent AVI movies for editing with Windows Movie Maker?

Step 1. Import torrent avi movies

Run the torrent video converter on your computer and click "File" to add torrent avi movies to it.

Load torrent avi movies

Step 2: Choose output profile format

Click "Format" bar, to edit torrent movies with Windows Movie Maker, select to output WMM supported DV AVI file format from "DV" > "DV AVI NTSC (*.avi)" or "DV AVI PAL(*.avi)"

Choose WMM supported DV-AVI format

Step 3: Start Torrent avi movies to WMM conversion.

When all the setting is completed, you can carry out the conversion by hitting right-bottom "Convert" button to start to convert Torrent avi movies to Windows Movie Maker importable DV-AVI file formats.

After the conversion, hit the "Open Output Folder" on the main interface to pop out converted files. Then you will get your torrent avi movies video back when editing with WMM.

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