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Pavtube Video Converter

Pavtube Video Converter Review

  • Robert Robert

    Worked very well

    I am using the Pavtube converter to convert some video taken with my Droid cell phone for use in Adobe Premiere. I could not use them directly. Your product worked very well. I found your software doing a Google search for video converters.

  • Ross Ross

    Fast and fantastic

    Your application is fantastic. Very quick conversions and lots of file format options. Very happy overall, thank you!

  • Kevin Kevin

    Simple and direct

    I really like the software. The main reason I bought it was the VERY user friendly interface. It's very simple and direct. I'm a film student, and it converts all my footage to a small file size, which anyone will tell you is a lifesaver for any hard drive. There was one other converter I was looking at, but yours won.

  • Mike Mike

    Well support for TiVo recordings to iPad conversion

    I use Pavtube for coverting TiVo videos for my iPad. It works very well and I haven't really had any problems. Conversion speed seems fine and the videos look good on the iPad. I saw Pavtube mentioned in the TiVo forums as a good way to convert for the iPad so I decided to try it. It's much better than TiVo's converter. TiVo's converters for mobile devices are terrible.

  • Mikael Mikael

    Good software and produces excellent results, Very useful

    Your software is very good & produces excellent results. I'm very impressed with the number of available output formats as well! We've been very impressed with what the Video Converter can achieve for such a modest price, so thanks again for a great piece of software! Very useful.

  • Anonymous Anonymous

    Now I can do AMD GPU encoding

    I installed AMD 12.2 drivers for my WIndows7-64 OS with an AMD 7950 video card and Pavtube 4.0.5 now I can do AMD GPU encoding! I can now click on the CUDA/AMD icon and check mark AMD. My test file encode time went for 89 seconds without the AMD icon lit down to 47 seconds with the icon lit - almost half! Also, the file size went from 134MB down to 60MB and I can't see any difference in image quality. Your AMD support works great now with AMD 12.2 drivers on my 7950, thanks Pavtube!

  • Anonymous Anonymous

    Does a great job reducing the file size

    Video Converter is the fastest converter that I've tried and I've tried several over the years. The output quality is better than the others and the mp4 "compliance" is better, that is, your product complies with mp4 standards well whereas some other converters do not. File size: Just a note: Video Converter does a great job reducing the file size (almost 1/3!) while maintaining sufficient video quality - I hardly notice the difference between the source and output files!

  • joneey joneey

    You have done well!

    You have done well! Excellent interface and online help and it runs fast too. Your specific instructions for converting .tivo to .mpeg convinced me to try and buy. I don't want to become a video expert to convert a few video files.

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