Fix Common Video Playback Problems

Monica Pavtube

Sep 10, 2014 08:36 am / Posted by Monica Pavtube

Are you frustrated with your media player for there are always audio or video playback problems with it? For example, sometimes you may get a video without audio, come across audio and video syncing problem, the VLC player can’t play DVDs, etc. Here are some common video playback problems and what problem are you running into?

solve video playback issue

Part I. Common Video Playback Problems

Video/Audio problems:

a. Play a video only with image and without audios
b. Play a video only with audios and no image display
c. Video and audio syncing problem
d. Distorted visual image and abnormal audio tracks

Devices can’t be recognized:

a. The media player can’t recognize the connected hard disk/drive
b. The computer fails to detect the USB connection
c. Video files stored in a hard drive are not supported

File format compatibility problem:

a. The file format/codec is not supported by the media player
b. The file size is too large

Disc problems:

a. Disc is physically damaged
b. The media player crashed during disc playback
c. Computer system crashed during disc playback
d. Disc data is corrupted

Media player problems:

a. Limited compatible formats
b. Unsupported codec
c. Video file import and playback failure
d. Media player/computer system crashes during playback

Part II. Solutions to Video Playback Issues

Method 1. Change another media player

When facing video playback issues, try taking another more powerful media player to play your video file. Here are two popular video players for you.

1. VLC media player

The VLC player is designed to run on almost all platforms, so there is no need to worry about the operating system. It supports various video formats and it is free!

2. MPlayer

MPlayer is a free and open source media player, can be available for most platforms. The file formats supported by MPlayer range from physical media, container formats, video formats, audio formats, subtitle formats, image formats to Protocols.

Method 2. Professional video converter recommendation

If the other media players don’t work well either, an all-in-one video converter can be a good choice. Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is recommended here. In addition to the basic function converting Blu-ray/DVD/Video/Audio sources to almost any kind of audio and video format for free playback on mobile devices, home theater devices as well as for editing systems, this program also allows you to edit the input sources and adjust video/audio parameters for better entertainment.

Basic steps to convert a video file with Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate:

Step 1. Import Blu-ray/DVD/Video/Audio source

Launch this video converter on PC, and click “File” to add Blu-ray/DVD/Video/Audio sources according to the import instructions.

import blu-ray dvd video audio to pavtube video converter ultimate

Step 2. Choose a desired output format

Click the format bar to find the format list where you can see rich output formats for different devices and editing software. Choose the one that is well compatible with our device or editing software.

choose a proper output format

Step 3. Adjust video/audio parameters (Optional)

To get an output file with better effect, you can adjust the video and audio parameters. Click “Settings” on main UI. Then the “Profile Settings” interface will pop up. Change the parameters like bitrate, size, channel, and sample rate for better enjoyment.

adjust audio video parameters

Step 4. Edit input file (Optional)

To create a personal movie, or add subtitles to a non-subtitle video, you’d better try the video editor in Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate. Click “Edit” to go to “Video Editor” interface where you can get the wanted video clip by trimming, cut off black bars by cropping, addtext/image/video watermark, insert subtitles, add special effects, etc.

edit blu-ray dvd

Step 5. Start conversion

You can process the input file with step 3 and step 4, or just skip the two steps to directly move to the final step: start conversion. After choosing an output folder to store the converted video file, click the big red button “Convert” to realize conversion.

Don’t worry about those video playback issues, and even the almighty VLC player sometimes fails to play a common video like MP4. Just choose another multi media player as is suggested above or convert videos to a popular format once and for all.

Video Tutorial - Fix Common Video Playback Problems

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