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Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate

Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate Review

  • Thor Eric Vågen Jægtnes Thor Eric Vågen Jægtnes

    Rip any blu-ray disc to many video formats

    I purchased Pavtube Blu-ray ripper because it can rip any blu-ray disc to many video formats. This software is very affordable, and worth each dollar. I use this software to rip my blu-ray collection to mkv so that I can watch the movies many times without having to insert a blu-ray disc in my computer each time. I have not had any problems with this software, it is very stable. I tried the trial version of DvdFab Blu-ray ripper, but I did not buy it as Pavtube Blu-ray ripper can do the same things and it more affordable. The only feature I would like pavtube to add, is an option to rip blu-ray discs to mkv with DTS audio. I love the option to crop the blu-ray videos, so you can remove the black borders that are on many blu-ray movies. I highly recommend Pavtube blu-ray ripper, and want to give this software 5 stars rating. Pavtube are very good at what they do.

  • Chris Chris

    Making the process seamless and easy

    I purchased Byte Copy and had to exchange it to Blu Ray Ripper. Kudos to Kathy for making the process seamless and easy. I wanted Blu Ray Ripped to convert Blu Ray discs to MP4 files for my media server. By FAR this is the easiest and most flexible program I have ever used. Want output for an Acer tablet (you can even pick the model), Ipod - check, Android - too many to list, Ipad / IPhone - every version. The most amazing feature is the custom video - after tweaking the settings you can produce a 1920 x 1080p file that is indistinguishable from the original Blu Ray Disc (both the video and audio). All this and it is the simplest of software to use and install. 5 stars is an understatement, I'd give it 10. I currently recommend this product to all the people I know who want their video in multiple formats. PAVTUBE - KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK !!!

  • Keith Keith

    Easy to use with various source files

    I have used Pavtube for a little while now and found the software so easy to use with various source files, and with the final converted file quality superb for viewing on my tablet. It allows me to preview the source file, and even edit it, before conversion and also to merge several files which is a really useful function. The availability to choose and close my computer after conversion is a great option to save energy and therefore I can leave the software to do its own thing. It has been well worth the cost of purchase, and I think the best in the market. I had to contact support recently and their prompt, courteous replies with video prompts helped me resolve the issue (which turned out to be user error not software issue). They certainly live up to their mission and value statements in treating their customers, which I find is rare these days. WELL DONE Pavtube and thanks for a great product.

  • Scott Scott

    Convert blu-ray movie with forced Subtitles

    You’re making me a believer in Pavtube. Last night I tried the Avatar Blu-ray. This time to it worked in title mode and I didn’t switch to file mode. I checked only the English forced subtitles, and magically the video only had the subtitles when the Navi were speaking, very cool, and something I couldn’t get to work with the other software.

  • Bruce Bruce

    Blu-ray movie of original quality at half file size

    Your software ROCKS! My primary interest was to reduce the size of my on-line backups of my Blu-ray movies by converting the .iso to H.264 .mp4’s. I was very pleased with Hauppauge .ts copies of Dish Network pay per view HD movies that finished up around 7 to 9 GB. So I tried your medium quality Bitrate settings. Unfortunately the playback was slightly jittery at this setting, so I reverted to high quality which played nearly identical to the Bluray movie. Happy camper. Avatar reduced in size a little over 50% and the playback is undistinguishable from the original.

  • Robert Robert

    I am very happy with Pavtube software and support

    I am very happy with Pavtube software and support. I have had no problems since the first one that I reported that you quickly fixed. I recommend Pavtube to all of my friends and my two sons as well - they both asked me to give them a copy, and I told them that the price is fair, and if they want a copy, buy it themselves. My older son gave me a freeware copy of a Blu-ray converter, and told me to check it out. The "Freeware" was worth exactly what it costs - NOTHING! It was so slow (less than half the speed of Pavtube), and crashed my computer halfway through the conversion. Before I bought Pavtube, I purchased a number of different conversion software packages. All had one problem or another - usually not converting a particular format, so I had to use more than one conversion package to cover all the conversions I needed. One package in particular that I liked, AVS4YOU (advertised with FREE LIFETIME UPGRADES!) that corrected its conversion problems with an upgrade, I found that I could not transfer the software to my very, very fast new computer that I bought specifically for video processing. They demanded that I buy another copy - my existing copy would not install on a new computer. That is why I bought Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate - I bought a fast new computer primarily for video editing and conversions and found that I was locked out of all of my "Lifetime" AVS software unless I paid again. I am very satisfied with your software and technical support, and I highly recommend it. Also, the price is fair. Please feel free to use any of my comments if you like.

  • V K V K


    I love y'all's software because it's all-in-one, while using other software means I have to do 5 different steps in 5 different programs to get the same result. I usually select mp4 as my output format. I use the Samsung Vibrant as my player, and I am using its default video player.

  • Joe Joe

    Back up BR collection to stream to Xbox

    Thanks....i already purchased the ultimate version.....this is the perfect software to back up my BR collection to stream to my Xbox.Everything is perfect! Thanks...

  • Craig Craig

    Movies look great on the Xoom

    Quality is GREAT! These movies look great on the Xoom, and even on my 25 inch PC monitor. Quality was on average better than some of your competitors, although, some of that may come down to settings (that is where a Xoom profile would help other customers).Interface is pretty straightforward. Besides the custom settings, I didn’t need any help figuring out how to work this. Then again, you do have the no brainer instructions on the app. But I’ll pretend those weren’t important and I am a rocket scientist.The follow up email was a very nice customer service follow-up. This seemed very personal and very sincere. I’[m sure you send this to all of your customers but it is nicely written and comes across very personal and not at all corporate. Nice touch.

  • George George

    Every software works great!

    Just a quick note to tell you that I have purchased 3 of your software. Every software works great! I am so happy that I purchased Pavtube software!!! Keep up the great work and hope that you can come up with a Bluray converter software that will convert a 50 gig To 25 gig disc.!

  • Phil Phil

    Kudos all around!

    Thanks guys! I just downloaded the new version and want to say thank you for fixing the crop feature. Also I noticed you fixed the annoying message about ‘less than 500MB available’ when the output folder is a UNC share, conversion seems to be faster, and the audio/video sync seems to be much better at the end of a 90 minute movie. Kudos all around!

  • Brown Brown

    Brilliant program

    many thanks for your help. product is now working fine in full mode i must say your converter is one of very many i have tried out in the past few months and i made the decision to purchase yours as the fast and efficient conversion rate far excedes any other on the market today, i am only baffled why none of the reviews dont rate it the number one as I do, congratulations and best wishes for your brilliant program

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