Stream Blu-ray with Kodi on a Raspberry Pi 3 on TV

Diana Joan

Mar 23, 2016 03:13 am / Posted by Diana Joan

The highlight of the newest Raspberry Pi 3 is that you can build a multimedia center at home with it. When you can freely watch any HD movies on TV with Kodi via the new Raspberry Pi 3, you don't need to go to the cinema on the weekends. You can watch favorite movie sat home with friends, eating popcorn and talking about the funny plot. You can even can play Blu-ray movies with Kodi on a Raspberry Pi 3 on TV.

As we all know, Raspberry Pi 3 has one mini USB interface for power input and two other USB interfaces, one SD slot to allows users to expand the storage. So, if you want to play Blu-ray with Kodi on a Raspberry Pi 3 on TV, you can rip Blu-ray to an NAS with the third party Blu-ray Ripper. Then you can stream the Blu-ray backups with Kodi on HD TV.

Now, the important step is to rip and convert Blu-ray to Raspberry Pi 3 for streaming on TV via Kodi. To reach the goal, an effective Blu-ray Ripper is needed. Pavtube ByteCopy ranks high as the best Blu-ray ripping tool with the ability of remove the encryption from Blu-ray movies and shift the format to Raspberry Pi 3/Kodi/TV compatible video format and codec. It keeps the original video quality so you don't worry about any quality loss here. GPU acceleration can save you much time. And batch conversion function allows you do other things when ripping Blu-ray to Raspberry Pi 3 for Kodi playing. "Shut Down Computer After Conversion" even enable you to go to sleep, leaving the computer operating. When waking in the next morning, you can get all Blu-ray rips for Raspberry Pi 3 streaming on TV via Kodi.

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Steps to Backup Blu-ray to Raspberry Pi 3 for Streaming on TV with Kodi

Step 1: Load Blu-ray Movies

Click the disc button to browse and import Blu-ray disc, or load the Blu-ray ISO image and Blu-ray BDMV folder hat you want to convert for viewing on Raspberry Pi 3. When all chapters are loaded, you can choose wanted subtitle and audio track. To show the subtitles only when actors speaking foreign language, you can choose forced subtitle.

Step 2: Choose Format for Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi 3 decodes 1080p H.264 HD video smoothly and this video format is also compatible with Kodi and HD TV. So here, you are suggested to click "Format" > "HD Video" > "H.264 HD Video(*.mp4)".


1. If you want to change the default profile settings, please click "Settings" to adjust both video and audio settings according to your need. Here you are allowed to set video size, bitrate, frame rate, etc to achieve the best movie effect on your TV via Raspberry Pi 3.

2. To make the Blu-ray movie more adapt to your HD TV screen, you can adjust the display aspect ratio. Go to "Edit"> "Crop". Then click "Advanced Mode" in the right panel, then select "Keep Ratio" option in the left panel, then from "Display aspect ratio" drop-down list, you can either keep the original aspect ratio by choosing "Original" or keep the cropped aspect ratio such as 16:10, 16:9, 5:4, 4:3, 3:2, 2:1, etc from the aspect ratio lists.

Step 3. Start Blu-ray to Raspberry Pi 3 conversion

When all setting are done, you can go back to the main interface and click the big red button "Convert" to start Blu-ray to Raspberry Pi 3 for streaming on TV with Kodi conversion.

After put Blu-ray to NAS, you can get Raspberry Pi 3 and Kodi ready for use on TV. You can need a SD card and 3.0 USB stick to start the work. But something you should notice is not all the cards are supported here, but a Transcend 32GB SDHC Class 10 (TS32GSDHC10) is supported in testing and even when the Pi has only USB 2.0, using a USB 3.0 stick with 2.0 sockets will give much better read times. Then download and launch the Raspbmc installer ( to run Kodi. Finally insert the SD card and USB stick to Raspberry Pi 3. Now you've got Raspberry Pi 3 and Kodi ready for use and you can play Blu-ray movies with Kodi on a Raspberry Pi 3 on TV. 

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