How to Enjoy ISO/3D ISO on HTC Vive?

Diana Joan

Mar 08, 2017 10:29 am / Posted by Diana Joan

Have downloaded some Blu-ray or 3D Blu-ray movies saved as ISO or 3D ISO image file and wish to enjoy them on your HTC Vive with immersive 3D visual effect? The following article will show you how to get ISO/3D ISO played on HTC Vive.

View ISO/3D ISO on HTC Vive

Can you directly view ISO/3D ISO on HTC Vive?

HTC Vive allows you to watch 4 kind of videos including regular 2D video, 3D side by side, over and bottom format, 180/360 degree video or full VR video. Obviously, ISO or 3D ISO is not the supported playback file format by HTC Vive. To enjoy ISO or 3D ISO on HTC Vive with 3D visual effect, the most effective solution is transcoding 3D ISO to HTC Vive workable 3D SBS or TAB format.

Here, you can perform the ISO to 3D format conversion process with our top ranked ISO Ripper program - Pavtube BDMagic for Windows/Mac. Which facilitates you to convert ISO/3D ISO to HTC Vive readable 3D Side by Side or Top and Bottom format with the format of MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI or WMV file format. Besides ISO or 3D ISO, the program also allows you to load 2D/3D Blu-ray disc and also BDMV folder, DVD disc, Video_TS folder and IFO/ISO image file to get full entertainment of 3D movie experience with all your physical disc media.

Adjust 3D profile settings

To get better 3D visual effect on HTC Vive, you can flexibly adjust the output 3D profile parameters in the programs "Profile Settings" window. You can drag the slider bars to change the 3D video depth perception, check "Switch Left Right Image" option to change the image display order for 3D SBS movie on HTC Vive. The program allows you to make a choice between full sbs or half sbs and full tab and half tab, if you have a VR player with more graphic power and you wish to have a better 3D video quality, just select the full 3D SBS or TAB format, if not, a half SBS or or TAB format would satisfy your needs.

Note: This remarkable 3D ISO Ripper is very stable and compatible with the new Windows 10 and macOS Sierra. The generated files are high quality without sacrificing any of the quality from the original source files.

Step by Step to Convert ISO/3D ISO for HTC Vive Viewing

Step 1: Import ISO or 3D ISO image files.

Install and launch the 3D ISO Ripper program on your computer, click "File" > "Load IFO/ISO" to browse ISO or 3D ISO files stored on your local computer drive into the program.

Load ISO or 3D ISO files

Step 2: Output HTC Vive accepted 3D format.

From "Format" drop-down list, select HTC Vive compatible 3D format from "3D Video" > "MP4 Side-by-Side 3D Video(*.mp4)" or "MP4 Top-Bottom 3D Video(*.mp4)" as output format for watching on HTC Vive. You can also choose other file format according to your own needs.

Output HTC Vive playbable 3D format

Step 3: Adjust 3D profile settings.

Click "Settings" to open "Profile Settings" window, here you can adjust the 3D depth, change image display order for 3D SBS movie, you can also make a choice between full sbs/tab and half sbs and tab according to your own needs.

Adjust 3d profile settings

Step 4: Begin the 3D format creation process.

Go back to the main interface and start the ISO/3D ISO to HTC Vive supported 3D SBS or TAB MP4/MKV conversion process by hitting right-bottom"Convert" button.

When the conversio is completed, click the "Open Output Folder" on the main interface to pop out the folder with generated 3D file formats.

How to Watch 3D Movies on HTC Vive?

After you've got HTC Vive compatible 3D movie format, you can proceed to the next step, setup HTC Vive for 3D movie watching. Generally, there are two methods for you to achieve that: using the Virtual Desktop or Xbox controller in combination with JoyTokey.

Watch ISO/3D ISO on HTC Vive with Virtual Desktop

To watch 3D movies on the HTC Vive, one method is to launch the Virtual Desktop app, go to the video tab, open the video using VLC or Media Classic and then select the correct format. You can follow the detailed steps below:

Step 1: Start the Virtual Desktop using the SteamVR mode.
Step 2: Set the environment in the application to Home Theater.
Step 3: Load up media player classic.
Step 4: When the movie starts, press F7 and you'll enter 3D mode.

Tips: Make sure to use the super sampling trick with this in order to squeeze the most quality that you can out of it. As great as the HTC Vive is, the resolution isn't the highest (but the engagement and experience makes up for it!).

As a bonus, if you want to watch movies in bed then I strongly recommend a wireless keyboard with a trackpad. This will allow you to control your computer remotely and eliminate the need to stand up to set anything.

View ISO/3D ISO on HTC Vive with Xbox controller

Alternatively, Reddit user SimplicityCompass offers a great suggestion: Use a wireless Xbox controller in combination with JoyToKey. You can then map the mouse X and Y to the joystick and the mouse buttons to the controller's trigger. Finally, map one of the buttons (I choose "A" to F4 in order to maximize in Virtual Desktop. That way, you'll have all the tools required to watch your movies in the palm of your hand.

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