Helpful Tips to Fix Windows 10 Installation, Backup, Activation, Update Errors

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Jun 18, 2015 09:21 am / Posted by Diana Joan

Due to the staggering number of Windows 10 installation errors, it is very urgent and essential to find answers for various mind-bending Windows 10 puzzles. Work of data collections and tests has been done by us to provide you the best solution for your specific Windows 10 errors. The solution ranging from “Windows 10 won’t install from USB/DVD on Windows 7/8/XP” to “Windows 10 app won’t run”. Find Windows 10 errors and relevant solutions below:

Windows 10 errors

Take in New Info about Windows 10

You shouldn’t get bummed out if Windows 10 won’t install correctly on your PCs, phones or tablets, while your info has not been updated yet. Check out the latest news of Microsoft Windows 10 before you get into steps for fixing Windows 10 errors:

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10120 is said to be next-gen newest Win 10 version, highlighting “new tab” page to easily handle your browing history. Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10080 for phone now is available, with added support for Lumia 930, HTC One (M8), etc. For Windows 10 for Phone errors, please check out the full list of Windows 10 for Phones first.

Windows 10 Build 10074 for PC still has some errors. Keep searching for Windows 10 errors solutions in this page if you’re stuck with some of them.
There are software and apps that are updated to be fully compatible with Windows 10 with no errors, including Video Converter Ultimate, BDMagic, ByteCopy, DVDAid, Video Converter, HD Video Converter, MTS Converter, MXF Converter, etc.

[Solutions] Windows 10 Won’t Install Errors

How to fix Windows 10 error code 0x0000005D?

The solution to get away from the error 0x0000005D is to change Version in Basic to Windows 8.1 (64 bit), which works for most people no matter you are trying to install Windows 10 64 bit/32 bit on a PC/laptop running Windows 7/8/8.1 32 bit/64 bit.

[Solutions] Windows 10 Won’t Install/Boot from USB ISO – Error Code 0x80070570

1. The error code 0x80070570 may due to the reason that you didn’t get a good copy of the Windows 10 ISO file.
> Download Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO

2. Do not know how to install Windows 10 from USB ISO without errors? Go with the following steps:
1) Download ISO files from Microsoft Windows official page;
2) Create a bootable USB with the tool:;
3) Convert the ISO file to your USB drive;
4) Double click setup.exe and then follow the installing wizard (this may take you a couple of hours, so wait patiently).

3. Remove all USB devices, and try to use a cable instead of wireless network.
4. Try to download the Windows 10 TP ISO from different browsers.
5. Re-download the ISO file as you copy the file to USB.
6. Transfer Windows 10 ISO onto a DVD via a DVD burner>, if Windows 10 installation still has errors after steps above.

[Solutions] Windows 10 Store (beta) Problems – Won’t Update on PC/Surface

Solution One
Since auto install updates is disabled in Build 9926, therefore, the simplest way to fix “Windows 10 Store won’t update” is to open a command prompt as admin and add this: reg add “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsStore\WindowsUpdate” /v AutoDownload /t REG_DWORD /d 4 /f (works for most people).

Solution Two
This error can also be fixed by changing from Region format “Norwegian, BokmÃ¥ll” to “English, United States” by going to the Control Panel -> Region -> Format (drop-down):”English (United States)” -> OK -> reboot -> start Store again, and the update has been downloaded and installed.

[Solutions] Windows 10 Apps Won’t Run/Open

Q – “After upgrade to Windows 10, I can’t watch a video over 420p on YouTube on any browser. It goes all glitchy and bugged. There is no sound or the sounds don’t match up with anything and there is an awful lot of distortion. Now I’m looking for a free YouTube downloader for Windows 10 to have a test.”

A: “YouTube has no sound” problem on Windows 10 can be solved by adjusting sound settings, changing sound card, re-installing Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10, etc (more detailed ), or downloading YouTube movie/music video directly by using free and clean YouTube video downloader.

If you’ve successfully installed Windows 10 Build 9926/10022/10041/10049 but find that some apps work while some others don’t, the fix could be as easy as choosing software fully compatible with Windows 10, registering app, using Windows 10 Store (beta), contacting with app developer, etc.

[Solutions] Spotify for Phones Not Working Properly on WP10 Tech Preview

1. Make sure that Spotify (or other music/movie apps) supports Windows 10;
2. After installing Windows 10 for phone, reset your mobile and then install Spotify;
3. Run Storage Sense and check out if available free space is big enough on your Windows 10 phone or tablet;
4. Go get a reinstalling;
5. Microsoft team is still working on this problem and there will be no fix or support from Spotify until the Windows 10 final version releases;

[Solutions] Windows 10 for Phones Build 10051 Errors

1. Can’t open downloaded Windows 10 build 10051 – error 8018830f
Q – “My Lumia 620 has an available amber update, but it seems that Lumia cannot open the update after it was downloaded. I get the error message 8018830f. I tried to reboot my phone to factory settings, but I still get the error message.”

Solution: Go to Settings on your Lumia -> choose Language+region -> tap Language -> select a new language -> download the language pack -> restart your phone -> go to Settings -> click Phone updates.

2. For apps not working on Windows 10 build 10051 for phones:
Go to Settings -> about -> more info -> check out if the app on your phone is up to date;
Make sure where the app is installed, in a SD card or in the phone local memory -> format the SD/use a new SD/use recovery tool;
If above mentioned solution still doesn’t works, try hard reset.
You can also reach out to Windows 10 for Phone support for further assistance by looping in@lumiahelp on Twitter.

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