Upload ISO Files to Dropbox for Dropbox Desktop app or Mobile App Viewing

Diana Joan

Sep 21, 2016 05:22 am / Posted by Diana Joan

For those people who have created ISO image from Blu-ray disc for later burning to a blank Blu-ray or DVD disc, it would be a good option for you to upload and store the ISO files on Dropbox, you will then be able to access the files on your phone or tablet on the road and all the ISO files you keep in Dropbox will be synced automatically to all your devices.


File types that preview on dropbox

Like other online cloud service, dropbox has no specific requirements on the file formats you upload to it, however, if you wish to preview the files on dropbox via the Dropbox desktop app, make sure to upload file types in the following list:

File types that preview as a video

.3gp. .3gpp, .3gpp2, .asf, .avi, .dv, .flv, .m2t, .m4v, .mkv, .mov, .mp4, .mpeg, .mpg, .mts, .oggtheora, .ogv, .rm, .ts, .vob, .webm, .wmv

File types that preview as audio

.aac, .m4a, .mp3, .oga, .wav

Tip: Following are the video and audio file formats natively supported by Apple can be displayed within the Dropbox app by tapping them.
Audio: .aac, .flac, .m4a, .mp3, .oga, .wav, .wma
Movies: .mov, .mp4, .m4v

Make ISO files previewable with Dropbox app on desktop or Apple

From above lists, we can see that ISO files is not the native previewable file formats for neither the Dropbox desktop or Dropbox mobile app. The best solution to view ISO files with Dropbox app on iPhone or computer is converting ISO files to Dropbox app previewable file formats listed above. Here, a remarkable ISO to dropbox converter - Pavtube BDMagic for Windows/Mac is reommended to you. The program can load not only ISO files, but also commercial Blu-ray disc/BDMV folder and DVD disc/Video_TS folder, you can get all the viewable file formats for Dropbox app from ISO image files with this tool with just few clicks.

Dropbox file size limitation

Files uploaded on dropbox.com must be 20 GB or smaller. And all files uploaded to your Dropbox must be smaller than your storage quota. For example, if your account has a storage quota of 2 GB, you can upload one 2 GB file or many files that add up to 2 GB. If you are over your storage quota, Dropbox will stop syncing.

If the file size you plan to upload to Dropbox is larger than 20GB or larger than your storage quota, you can compress the video file size with our program in the following ways:
- Output a file format with better quality and small file size such as FLV, WMV
- Lower the output video resolution
- Lower the bit rate 20-50% of the default to get small files
- Lower the frame rate of the video to 15 or 10 fps can reduce the file size by as much as 1/2 or 2/3

Simple guide to Upload ISO to Dropbox for Viewing on Dropbox Desktop or Mobile App

Step 1: Load ISO file into the program.

Start the program on your computer, click "File" > "Load IFO/ISO" to import ISO files into the application. It supports batch importing so that you can add as many ISO files as you wish.

Step 2: Set output format

Click on "Format" bar to select output format. Here you can choose one of Dropbox viewable file formats listed above. For space saving, you can output "Common Video" > "WMV 2 (WMV8)(*.wmv)" file format.

Output Dropbox supported file formats

If you plan to view the files on iPhone with the Dropbox mobile app, you can then output iPhone best favorable file formats such as "Common Video" > "MPEG-4 Movie(*.mp4)" format.

Output iPhone dropbox app previewable file formats

Step 3: Compress video file size.

Click "Settings" to open "Profile Settings" window, you can change video resolution to a suitable file size. 640 x 480 is more preferable by many portable devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet, lower the bit rate 20-50% of the default to get small files or lower the frame rate to 15 or 10 fps.

Compress video file size

Step 4: Begin the conversion process.

After all setting is completed, hit right-bottom "Convert" button to begin the ISO files to Dropbox viewable file formats conversion and compression process.

When the conversion is completed, you can have no problem to upload and store ISO files on Dropbox for viewing with Dropbox desktop app on computer or dropbox app on iPhone or iPad or other smartphone or tablets.

Steps to upload video to Dropbox from computer

1. Install the Dropbox desktop application on your computer to help creates a new folder on your computer called Dropbox, drag and drop your files into the Dropbox folder.
2. After installation on Windows, your Dropbox folder will be located inside your home folder by default.
3. Open and sign in to the Dropbox website.
4. Click the Upload button from the very top of the window.
5. A window will appear. Click the Choose File button and then select the file on your computer that you'd like to add to your Dropbox.
6. Choose as many files as you like, and then click the Start Upload button.
7. Your files will start uploading, and you'll be shown a progress indicator.

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