Fix Apple TV Wi-Fi, AirPlay, Remote, Video, Audio Playback Issues

Diana Joan

Dec 15, 2015 08:04 am / Posted by Diana Joan

As a popular media streaming set-top box, Apple TV is very popular among home theater users and streaming lovers. Besides streaming content with app, Apple TV can also helps to beam your iOS or Mac’s screen to your TV or sync iTunes media to TV as well. However, many users may not have a completely smooth experience when using Apple TV, they will inevitably encounter various issues such as Wi-Fi issues, video or audio not playback, etc. The following article has listed top 5 common Apple TV problems and the methods to fix them so that you can sit back to your couch to have a comfortable Apple TV content streaming experience.

Fix Apple TV common issues

Fix Apple TV WiFi Problems
Wi-Fi problems is the most common problem that’s easy to occur with Apple TV. When using Apple TV, it’s likely that you might have difficulty to find a Wi-Fi network, unable to join a nearby Wi-Fi or unable using the Wi-Fi to access content even when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Apple TV Wi-Fi connection

The address all above listed issues, first go to Settings > General > Network and select Test Network. If you’re connected to a WiFi network, but the test shows that it’s having trouble connecting, it could be that your router needs rebooted or the Apple TV itself needs rebooted. To restart your Apple TV, go to Settings > General > Restart.

If your Apple TV connects to WiFi with no problem, but the signal is not very strong, it’s possible that it’s receiving a weak signal. Try moving the router closer to the Apple TV or vice versa, if you can. Most important, use Ethernet whenever you can, as that will give you the best connection without the potential problems that caused when connecting wirelessly.

Fix Apple TV AirPlay problems
As a popular feature with the Apple TV, AirPlay enables you to display iOS screen on Apple TV.


If you can not get AirPlay to work between an iOS device and your Apple TV, make sure that both your iOS device and Apple TV are connected to the same WiFi network, as this is what makes it work in the first place.

If you’re not seeing the AirPlay icon in the first place in an app, it’s very likely that the app doesn’t support AirPlay to begin with. You can also check to see if AirPlay is enabled on your Apple TV in the first place. Head to Settings > AirPlay and make sure that the feature is turned on.

If you’re having performance issues with AirPlay, like stuttering and lag, make sure that there’s no another device on your network hogging up bandwidth, as this can be a huge culprit.

How to Fix Apple TV Video Problems
Another common issue with the Apple TV is that trying to play streaming content doesn’t work and there’s no video or audio, or there could be audio but no video.
One of the simplest things to do is make sure the HDMI cable going from the Apple TV to your television is plugged in snuggly on both ends.

Apple TV Video Playback

The Apple TV might also be set at the wrong resolution, which could cause the video to not display at all by default. To change the resolution while the content is playing, press and hold the Menu and Up button on your Apple Remote for about six seconds. Apple TV will now start cycling between various resolutions for around 20 seconds each (image above). Press Play on the Apple Remote to keep the current resolution or Select to manually cycle to the next resolution.

Eventually, it will get to the correct resolution, and hopefully the video will come back and play normally.

How to Fix Apple TV Audio Problems
It is really annoying when there is video but no audio playing when using Apple TV. Fortunately, you can fix this problem in the following ways.

Apple TV audio

1. Check if the volume on your television or receiver is reduced or set to mute. Use the TV or Receiver remote and refer their manual to enable sound.
2. Check if the connection between your Apple TV to television/home theater is secure and they are connected to power.
3. Verify that the source on your audio receiver is set to the Apple TV input. Check the receiver’s or speaker’s manual to find out how to change the source.
4. If none of these helped, try rebooting your Apple TV. Just press and hold (Menu + Down) buttons on the Apple remote for 6 seconds and your Apple TV will restart.

If Apple TV is playing the audio for all video content and music but not the sound effects while navigating the menus, this is just an issue of faulty audio Settings.

Go to Settings > Audio & Video > Sound Effects and turn it On.

How to Fix Apple TV Remote Problems
You can operate an Apple TV set-top box without the accompanying remote. If you’re having issues with the remote, that’s clearly a bad sign. Here’s how to fix that.

Apple TV remote

If the Apple TV doesn’t respond to commands from your remote, it’s possible that the remote isn’t paired with the Apple TV. Use the remote to clear the current pairing by holding Menu and Left for six seconds (a broken chain-link icon will appear on your TV screen). Now pair your remote back by holding Menu and Right for six seconds (a chain-link icon will appear on your TV screen).

If that still doesn’t work, try replacing the small battery on the inside of the remote. It’s a traditional CR3032 battery that you can find pretty much anywhere in the battery section of your favorite store.

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