Convert Blu-ray to digital formats to use on TV via MacBook Air

Diana Joan

Feb 11, 2015 07:01 am / Posted by Diana Joan

"I am looking for a Blu-ray ripper with which I could convert my Blu-ray movies to digital formats to be used on my numerous devices. I did an internet search for Blu-ray rippers but I am confused. I'd like to watch copied movies on my Desktop connected to my TV, my MacBook Air. I plan to store my ripped movies on my desktop, and then transfer to my 1 TB external hard drive, therefore I can use them for personal enjoyment and movie nights!"

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Watch Blu-rays on TV with MacBook Air

Almost all Mac OS computers are not equipped with a Blu-ray drive, therefore the Blu-ray movies cannot be directly played on Mac including 12-inch MacBook Air. More importantly, commercial Blu-rays purchased from local shop or ordered online are protected, which means they cannot be open on unauthorized players.

In order to convert and backup Blu-ray movies on MacBook Air, Pavtube BDMagic for Mac is your best choice. With it, you can easily make a digital copy of Blu-ray to MacBook Air, iMac or Macbook Pro for storage. If you want to transfer and watch backup Blu-ray movies on TV, you can use the program to directly output TV optimized file formats for watching on TV directly without any extra complex settings.

Enable Blu-ray movies to play on 12-inch MacBook Air

Step 1: Load Blu-ray movie.

Connect an external Blu-ray disc drive to your MacBook Air, instert Blu-ray disc, and click "Add Disc" button on this Blu-ray to MacBook Air Ripper to import Blu-ray into this app.

Blu-ray to MacBook Air Ripper

Step 2: Choose video format and set profile.

Select the optimized video format for output. You are suggested to choose MP4/M4V from Format menu as choose TV output file format.

Best playable format for Mac

If necessary, adjust parameters in Settings to get a satisfying video/audio playback on 12-inch MacBook Air.

Step 3: Convert Blu-ray to MacBook Air.

Hit on the "Convert" icon and start ripping Blu-ray to MP4/M4V for MacBook Air. When it is done, open output folder and now you can watch ripped movies on MacBook Air via USB Flash Drive.

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