Ripping Marvel Blu-rays to Media Server with Retention of 5.1 Audio

Diana Joan

Oct 09, 2014 08:46 am / Posted by Diana Joan

The relatively safer place for you to store the increasing Marvel (3D) Blu-ray movies is a media server. A variety of Blu-ray rippers nowadays are able to finish the conversion job. However, only several of them can keep the original information complete during Blu-ray conversion.

rip blu-ray to media server with retention of 5.1 audio

For those who appreciate 5.1 audio retention, the upgraded Pavtube ByteCopy can rip latest and newest Blu-rays to media server, allowing for keeping 5.1 surround sound during HD ripping.

How to rip Blu-rays with retention of 5.1 Audio?

Step 1. Load Blu-ray movie

Run the Blu-ray ripper on PC (Mac version) after inserting the Blu-ray disc to the computer. Click “File” > “Load from disc” to import Blu-ray movies, which only takes you several seconds.

load blu-ray movie to blu-ray converter ripper

Step 2. Choose the right output format

Before converting Marvel Blu-rays to media server, make sure that the converted piece can be played on most of devices like iPad, iPhone (e.g. iPhone 6), Android phones (e.g. Galaxy Note 4), Kindle, Nook, and various Android tablets, otherwise you have to spend extra time converting Blu-rays again.

convert blu-ray to the best video format for your device

For 3D Marvel Blu-rays, just pick a 3D output format and enjoy on your 3D devices, and a 3D TV will be great.

convert 3d blu-ray for watching 3d blu-ray on 3d tv

Step 3. Keep 5.1 audio when ripping Blu-ray

To preserve 5.1 channels when performing Marvel Blu-ray conversion, click “Settings” to go to “Profile Settings” screen to check and adjust “Channels” under “Audio” option. Keep or adjust to “5.1 Channels” and click “OK”. And then you’ll get 5.1 surround sound after conversion.

keep 5.1 audio when converting blu-ray

Step 4. Convert Blu-ray with 5.1 audio preserved

Go back to the main UI, and click “Convert” to start Marvel Blu-ray collection with retention of high quality as well as 5.1 channels.

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