Play Blu-ray 3D ISO with Full Dolby True HD/DTS Master Audio on HTPC

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Jan 06, 2016 08:59 am / Posted by Diana Joan

An HTPC and other convergence devices integrate components of a home theater into a unit co-located with a home entertainment system. An HTPC system typically has a remote control and the software interface normally has a 10-foot (3 m) user interface design so that it can be comfortably viewed at typical television viewing distances. Have you got one HTPC as your home theater PC? Want to use the HTPC to serve as a ripper/player with a single HDMI cable sending 1080P 3D Blu-ray ISO with Dolby True HD/DTS Master Audio to you receiver to be decoded when you get a full home theater system right now with a BD player and gaming console connected to a Denon receiver. (2112ci) Ideally.

Both Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio are lossless codec for 7.1 surround sound. If your original 3D Blu-ray ISO are encoded with both Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio, and in addition, your Denon receiver arms with the capability to decode both those two audio codec, you can get a full audio playback of your 3D Blu-ray ISO with audio receiver by making a lossless audio copy of your original media source in MKV format with all the audio tracks preserved.

Application to output Dolby True HD/DTS Master Audio

There is a solution in hand: Pavtube ByteCopy for Windows, perfect and powerful 3D Blu-ray ripper, you can install it on the Windows OS, including the latest Windows 10. For Mac users, you can get the Mac version: 3D Blu-ray ripper for Mac. Even you are a PC beginner, you can finish the easy installation with few clicks. In addition, you not only can import the 3D Blu-ray disc, also can mport the common 2D Blu-ray disc, ISO files and BDMV folder, even you can use it as a DVD ripper which can remove most DVD and Blu-ray copy protection, like the CSS, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs, AACS, BD+, RC, BD-Live, etc.

Besides that, pass through the Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio in your original 3D Blu-ray ISO files, you can backup your files into a lossless Multi-track MKV format which helps to preserve all the audio tracks in your original 3D Blu-ray ISO files. Then you can make a full audio playback of your 3D Blu-ray ISO with your Denon audio receiver. You also can choose to remove or keep the audio tracks, subtitles or chapters you don't want or want, such as Dolby Digital 5.1 and AAC Stereo for Apple TV 3. More information, you can read this 3D Blu-ray ripper review.

How to Play Blu-ray 3D ISO with Full Dolby True HD/DTS Master Audio on HTPC?

Step 1. Load 3D Blu-ray ISO image file

Launch the 3D Blu-ray ripper on your computer, click "File" drop-down list, select "Load IFO/ISO" to add 3D Blu-ray ISO image files. You also can drag the ISO file to the left window directly. At the same time, you can watch the video on the preview window and adjust the 3D video volume.

Load 3D Blu-ray ISO files

Step 2. Choose output file format

From "format" drop-down list, select "Multi-track Video" > "Lossless/Encoded Multi-track MKV (*.mkv)" as output format for streaming to your audio receiver. You may find other video formats which is wide used by portable devices and popular media player., when you need to play the 3D video on other device with VR headset, like the HTC Vive, Gear VR, Google Daydream VR, Oculus Rift DK2, VR Box 2.0, etc. You can choose the 3D Video and get the best 3D video formats.

You also can click "Settings" on the main interface to open "Multi-task Settings" window, all audio and subtitle tracks from the source files are checked and to be saved in the output MKV container by default, if there are some audio tracks or subtitle streams you don't like, uncheck and remove them under the "Audio" and "Subtitle" tab.

Adjust multi-task settings

Step 3. Output 3D Blu-ray ISO to Multi-track MKV

After you have finished all the settings, go back to the main interface, press the right-bottom to start a 3D Blu-ray ISO to lossless Multi-track MKV format with the Dolby True HD/DTS Master Audio in your original Blu-ray resource well reserved.

When the video conversion is done, you can click the output folder file and get the video file quickly. Then you will can receiver a full audio playback when streaming 3D Blu-ray ISO on your HTPC.

Tips: There is a few things that make up a correct 3D HTPC and TV set up

*3D TV and glasses: There are many types of 3D TV’s. Most important distinction is between active and passive 3D where active 3D is triggering the glasses to allow left eye sight and right eye sight sequentially and the TV sends a left eye picture and a right eye picture with the same frequency

*Video card with 3D support: In general there is three tastes of video cards: nVidia, AMD and Intel.

*3D TV software: The video cards with 3D support are designed for working with a monitor! If you connect a regular 3D TV then you need a driver/software to tell the card that a 3D TV is connected with native 3D support.

Movie Player with 3D support: Fo HD 1080p movies, you can use the Arcsoft Total MediaTheatre 3 without any issues. This version does not support 3D video and you have to upgrade to Arcsoft Total MediaTheatre 5.0.x.x (TMT5).
you also cna use other Movie Player with 3d support, like CyberLinks PowerDVD 10 Ultra 3D) will probably work as good as this one.

*3D movie: There are many techniques to broadcast 3D. Most popular ones are Stereoscopic 3D (S3D) and Side by Side (SBS). You can get 3D video form Amazon, buy the 3D Blu-ray discs.

*TV – A/V – HTPC patching: Try running the HDMI cable from the HTPC to the TV and use a digital audio cable (TOSlink or COAX) from the TV to the A/V receiver. This will give you 3D video。

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