Copy/Backup Blu-ray/DVD to Seagate NAS HDD in Different Ways

Diana Joan

Jul 25, 2016 08:05 am / Posted by Diana Joan

The Seagate NAS HDD is a 3.5" form factor, 6Gb/s SATA interface hard drive that spins at 5,900RPM, ranges up to 4TB in capacity and is specifically engineered to be installed in one to five-bay NAS devices. For Blu-ray or DVD disc collectors, if you are looking for a safe and large capacilty tool to copy or backup your previous investment, Seagate NAS HDD is aboslutely your firt choice. Below article will show you different ways to copy Blu-ray to Seagate NAS HDD with Pavtube ByteCopy for Windows (best Blu-ray Ripper Software Review)/Mac software.

Seagate NAS HDD

Full disc copy of Blu-ray/DVD to Seagate NAS HDD

Want to make a lossless copy of original Blu-ray/DVD to Seagat NAS HDD with all the metadata information including subtitle languages, audio tracks and chapter information well preserved? With Pavtube ByteCopy, you can easily copy the entire Blu-ray/DVD disc without any quality loss.

Benefits of full disc copy:
- You won't suffer any quality loss to output a file the same as the original disc in quality and size.

Main move copy of Blu-ray/DVD to Seagate NAS HDD

Both Blu-ray and DVD has scores of movie titles besides the main one. But it is well know to us that most or even all of the other contents of Blu-ray/DVD, with the exception of the main title, are superfluous and useless, including ads, trailer, comments, reviews, cast, warnings and titbits, etc. Copying Blu-ray with main title (the one with longest duration or largest size among all titles of this Blu-ray/DVD movie) can assist you to get rid of all the unwanted titles in Blu-ray/DVD movies. Pavtube ByteCopy can asssist you to beneficially backup Blu-ray/DVD to an intact M2TS/VOB movie without the unwanted extras.

Benefits of main movie copy:

- Conveniently and directly playing M2TS files on various media player apps such as Windows Media Player, VLC, KMPlayer, MPlayer, etc.
- Portable for file transfer: You can easily transfer the backup M2TS files from Blu-ray/DVD to USB flash drive, external hard drive, Microsd card, etc.
- Main movie copy of Blu-ray/DVD movie takes less time than full disc copy with all titles, in addition, it will also occupy less space on your computer. Generally, the full disc copy contains all titles takes up 40GB, while the main title file only takes up 23462MB.

Lossless Copy Blu-ray/DVD with Multi-track MKV format

For those people who wish to output Blu-ray/DVD to Seagate NAS HDD with multiple language subtitles and audio tracks, but also requiring relatively faster conversion speed and small file size, choose to backup Blu-ray/DVD to lossless Multi-track MKV with Pavtube ByteCopy would be an excellent choice for you. You can easily transfer and play the converted MKV files with various media players such as VLC, KMplayer or media server such as WD TV, jRiver, etc.If your DVD is protected and need a DVD ripper to remove the protection, you can read here to find the best DVD ripper for you.

Step by step to Copy or Backup Blu-ray/DVD to Seagate NAS HDD in Different Ways?

Step 1: Load Blu-ray/DVD disc.

Insert Blu-ray or DVD into an internal or exnternal optical drive. Launch ByteCopy, click "File" > "Load Disc" button to browse to disc drive and import source movie into this app. When both Blu-ray or DVD disc exists, the program will load DVD disc first.

Tips: The program can automatically select the main title (the one with longest duration or largest size) for you.

Step 2: Different ways to copy Blu-ray/DVD to Seagate NAS HDD.

Full disc copy
Make a full disc copy by hitting the  icon on the top tool bar of the main interface.

Main movie copy

From "Format" bar, select "Copy" > "Direct Copy" to copy the main movie of the Blu-ray/DVD disc.

Lossless Multi-track MKV copy

Get a complete MKV output from Blu-ray/DVD by following "Multi-track Video" > "Lossless/encoded Multi-track MKV(*.mkv)".

Tips: You can also choose to output other popular file formats or device and programs preset profile formats for using on different devices with Seagate NAS HDD according to your own needs.

Step 3: Start the conversion process.

Go back to the main interface, press right-bottom "Convert" button to start Blu-ray/DVD movie to Blu-ray/DVD to Seagate NAS HDD copying and ripping process.

When the convesion is completed, click "Open Output Folder" on the main interface to pop out the folder with converted files for transferring to Seagate NAS HDD for storage or later playback on different devices.

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